Google Cloud Platform monitoring

Software intelligence for Google Cloud Platform workloads

  • All-in-one monitoring of Google cloud services, applications and infrastructure
  • Leverage AI to proactively identify performance hotspots
  • Out-of-the-box distributed tracing for Kubernetes and App Engine stacks for faster troubleshooting

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Get application performance insights for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) including Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, and Google Container Engine (GKE).

Fully automated, AI-assisted monitoring of Google Cloud Platform

One click installation

Install just one agent, one time, forever—zero manual configuration.

Hands-free monitoring

Let AI analyze problems in milliseconds to pinpoint the underlying root causes of problems.

Less noise, more problem-solving

Let Dynatrace consolidate all related performance issues into a single actionable notification.

Seamlessly monitor the full stack

Use a single platform to analyze application performance throughout your Google cloud services, applications and infrastructure, down to individual transactions across all layers and technologies.

Google monitoring of deployment status

End-to-end GCP monitoring without gaps

  • Integrated support for GCP Compute Engine
  • Full support for Google Kubernetes Engine including Google’s Container-Optimized OS
  • Full support for Google App Engine flexible environment, including code-level visibility, distributed tracing and real-user monitoring
Integrated support for GCP Compute Engine
Full support for Google Kubernetes Engine
GKE COS metrics in a single view

The definitive set of enterprise monitoring capabilities for Google Cloud

  • Hyper-scale deployment in minutes with one-click installation
  • Immediate auto-discovery of your entire GCP stack
  • Real-time Smartscape maps of all application & infrastructure interdependencies
  • Automated, AI-assisted root cause analytics for all Google workloads well beyond Stackdriver
  • First enterprise monitoring with full-stack GKE Container-Optimized OS support
  • The only solution to provide out-of-the-box distributed tracing for Kubernetes and App Engine stacks
  • Seamless integration with the entire application environment
  • Deploy Dynatrace as SaaS or on-premise, and monitor application environments across multiple cloud technologies with one platform

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Dynatrace is proud to be a Google Cloud Platform technology partner

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  • Google Cloud Platform

One comprehensive solution for hybrid application environments

Dynatrace detects application dependencies and provides one consolidated view on application performance for:

  • Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, SAP Cloud Platform, and all other leading cloud and container technologies
  • 3rd party services and components and CDNs
  • On-premises applications and data centers
Dynatrace provides a single pane of glass across heterogenous application environment and IT ecosystems.

Leading brands worldwide trust Dynatrace

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2. Install the agent

We use artificial intelligence to:

  • auto-discover your environment
  • learn how your application works
  • set smart baselines

3. You are all set ... really!

Intuitive dashboards provide full insights immediately. In case of performance issues you get one single notification including the root cause of the issue.

All without any configuration!

Start monitoring GCP in under 5 minutes

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