Google Cloud Functions monitoring and troubleshooting

Optimize application performance with Google Cloud Functions observability powered by AI and automation

What is Google Cloud Functions?

Google Cloud Functions is a popular serverless compute function that is available on Google Cloud Platform. Serverless functions help developers innovate faster, scale easier and reduce operational overhead, removing the burden of managing underlying infrastructure when updating and deploying code. Most enterprises use serverless functions as part of a broader hybrid environment, covering both cloud and traditional technologies.

Why do you need end-to-end monitoring for Google Cloud Functions?

The short answer is to get full visibility into all tiers of your stack. Serverless computing introduces new monitoring challenges, particularly blind spots in dependencies and identifying issues, making it difficult to ensure the health of applications running on serverless technologies. Monitoring Google Cloud Functions helps you to

  • Optimize response time hotspots
  • Optimize timing hotspots
  • Simplify error analytics
  • Understand and optimize your architecture

Automatic and Intelligent end-to-end observability of Google Cloud Functions

Dynatrace provides the fastest and easiest approach to end-to-end monitoring and tracing of Google Cloud Functions.

  • Single pane of glass across all serverless-function applications
  • Seamless end-to-end distributed tracing and code-level visibility
  • Automatic observability and root cause analysis for DevOps teams
  • Insight into how serverless functions are impacting customer facing applications
  • Built for large enterprises in mind: highest scalability, easiest manageability and unique support for access permissions