Golang monitoring

Monitor Go application performance and optimize your Golang services

What is Golang?

Originally initiated at Google, Go - often referred to as Golang - is an open source programming language. The idea behind Google Go was using the advantages of statically typed and scalable programming languages like Java and C++. At the same time the inventors tried to eliminate negative aspects. Therefore Golang is a productive and readable language without common problems of repetition or substantial mandatory keywords. The creative thinkers behind Go are the Google engineers Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. While the Go project started back in 2007 already, its first public appearance was in 2009.

Get Go performance metrics in real-time

  • Real time Go metrics out-of-the-box, therefore without any code changes
  • Dynatrace captures technical details of your Golang apps and shows transactions across several tiers.
  • With Go application monitoring you receive relevant process metrics steadily and can observe your own and any 3rd party Go apps.
  • Improve the performance of your Go code and optimize the results by continuous insights into your applications.
  • With auto injection of the Dynatrace Go agent, monitoring of your Golang apps will start immediately. This is the industry’s first auto-instrumenting monitoring solution available for Go-based applications.

Use Go performance monitoring to optimize the experience for your users

  • Dynatrace helps to control your Golang services by providing system data like CPU, responsiveness, memory or worker processes.
  • Get the results of continual user experience insights and single user interaction tracking.
  • Troubleshoot anomalies within your Go applications and discover Goroutine leaks to narrow down simultaneity issues.
  • Dynatrace allows you to use the full potential of Golang by breaking findings down into clear, customizable dashboards.

Available Golang performance details

    • Used memory
    • Committed memory
    • Garbage collection metrics
    • Suspension
    • Heap details
    • Goroutine run queue size
    • Response time
    • Runtime system calls
    • Worker thread metrics
    • Advanced logs
    • Apdex score
    • CPU and memory usage
    • General system performance
    • Network traffic
    • User experience insights

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The automation and AI from Dynatrace set it apart from the competition, it gives us more information around how our entire software stack is performing.

Get insights into the traffic flow of Cloud Foundry foundations

With Dynatrace, you get insights into the overall traffic flow of each Cloud Foundry foundation based on the number of total requests aggregated across all Gorouters.

  • Dynatrace indicates if Gorouter processes have a negative impact on your overall application responsiveness based on response latency.
  • Repeatedly crashing applications or response issues from applications typically result in an increasing number of HTTP 5xx responses, which Dynatrace OneAgent also detects.

Why Golang?

Although Golang still is a young coding language, it shows a lot of advantages. Compared to other technologies it can be used for a wide range of tasks. The Go programming language compiles very quickly and supports concurrency at the actual language level. With an active garbage collector as well as built in strings and maps into the coding language, Golang offers the full package. Also, functions are first class objects in Go. These advantages make Golang attractive for developers. Therefore the importance of Go monitoring and Go performance is increasing steadily. With the Dynatrace Go agent, we'd like to open new and easy-to-use possibilities for Go developers. Take a tour through Dynatrace and start Go application monitoring within your entire environment easily.

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