SAP Cloud Platform monitoring

Innovate faster with full stack monitoring for SAP Cloud Platform, powered by AI

Leverage full insights into your applications on SAP Cloud Platform with zero manual configuration:

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Get full insights into every single individual service request and understand flow and performance end to end.

Monitoring redefined for a smooth digital transformation

Better decisions

Dynatrace digital experience monitoring provides business context:

Accelerated innovation

Increase speed and quality of your entire application life cycle:

Immediate value

Easy to use means easy to adopt. Artificial intelligence is a game changer:

Get instant application insights

Dynatrace full stack monitoring, powered by AI, helps development, operations and business teams light up microservice architectures in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments with zero effort.

Get full insights into your microservice architecture on SAP Cloud Platform and in hybrid environments.

Native monitoring, seamlessly integrated

SAP App Center

Dynatrace is the only true full stack monitoring solution featured in the SAP App Center.

SAP App Center

SAP PartnerEdge

We are proud to be part of the SAP PartnerEdge Build program. Leverage unique application insights for free.

Native integration

Seamlessly enable monitoring for SAP Cloud Platform. Dynatrace provides deep insights out-of-the-box in under 5 minutes.

Dynatrace is closely integrated into SAP offerings as SAP Silver Partner.

Start monitoring your application on SAP Cloud Platform now!

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Resolve problems in 95% less time!

Forget what you thought you knew about application monitoring, artificial intelligence changes the game entirely:

Dynatrace automatically applies AI algorithms to determine whether a performance issue has an actual or potential impact on customers. It also pinpoints the underlying root cause.

One comprehensive solution for hybrid application environments

Dynatrace detects application dependencies and provides one consolidated view on application performance for:

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Dynatrace provides a single pane of glass across heterogenous application environment and IT ecosystems.

More than 8,000 customers worldwide trust Dynatrace

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