Google Cloud Platform monitoring

AI-powered monitoring for applications running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Automatically discover and baseline your web application running on Google Cloud platform or in hybrid environments. Get full operational insights into the full stack for front end, back end and cloud infrastructure. Artificial intelligence empowers you to resolve application problems before your customers are impacted.

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Get application performance insights for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) including Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, and Google Container Engine (GKE).

Full stack monitoring for applications running on GCP

With Dynatrace you get immediate in-depth insights from front end to back end and cloud infrastructure and into everything in-between. Our unique universal data model understands dependencies across all layers:

  • Real user actions and web UI
  • Applications and databases
  • Cloud platforms: GCP, AWS, Azure, ...
  • Containers
  • Log analytics are fully integrated!
Automatic discovery of your application end-to-end, down to dynamic instances.
Dynatrace is the only APM vendor covering the full stack in one consistent data model for AI-powered full stack analytics.
The customizable dashboard shows all important facts of your web application running on Google Cloud Platform in one spot

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Sign up

For our 15 day free trial no credit card is required. You will be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

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2. Install the agent

We use artificial intelligence to

  • auto-discover your environment
  • learn how your application works
  • set smart baselines

3. You are all set ... really!

Intuitive dashboards provide full insights immediately. In case of performance issues you get one single notification including the root cause of the issue.

All without any configuration!

Start monitoring your application on Google Cloud Platform now!

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Dynatrace is proud to be a Google Cloud Platform technology Partner

Take a look at all advantages of full Stack Monitoring combined with GCP.

Leading brands worldwide trust Dynatrace

For Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure and hybrid environments

Dynatrace provides application performance insights and metrics, events and metadata for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) including Google Compute Engine, App Engine and Google Container Engine (GKE) as well as for Amazon Web Services, Azure and all other leading cloud and container technologies.

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Resolve problems in 95% less time!

Forget what you thought you knew about application monitoring, artificial intelligence changes the game entirely:

  • Automatic performance baselines
  • Anomaly detection before customers are impacted
  • Touch-free fully automated root cause analysis
  • No alert spam: one single notification including business impact and root cause
Automatic root cause analysis is a unique Dynatrace capability that’s changing the lives of operations teams.

Start monitoring GCP in under 5 minutes — powered by AI

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