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Serverless Monitoring

Optimize application performance with serverless observability powered by AI and automation

Dynatrace is the trusted solution for serverless monitoring.

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What is serverless computing?

Serverless computing is a cloud native computing model in which the cloud provider runs the server, and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources. Serverless computing can help developers innovate faster, scale easier, and reduce operational overhead. While many people think of serverless synonymously with Function-as-a-Service (e.g. AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions), serverless is a broader term that can include container services, database, back-end services, and more.

Dynatrace integrates with serverless functions across clouds

Dynatrace monitors all of your serverless functions. See the full picture of how serverless functions impact your applications in real time and automatically keep up with any changes.

Automatically track the impact of cold starts to understand how serverless functions impact application performance.

Cloud-native automated and intelligent observability for serverless

Most organizations use serverless in combination with other cloud and traditional technologies, so just looking at each serverless technology in isolation isn’t good enough. Dynatrace seamlessly integrates distributed tracing of serverless functions into the automatic and intelligent observability platform leaving no blind spots even for applications with complex environments and tech stack.

Deploy at speed and scale with the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator

By deploying and managing the Dynatrace OneAgent Operator, the OneAgent becomes a native, first-class citizen of the platform.

  • All-in-one Serverless observability for infrastructure and apps teams

  • Health metrics for serverless containers and functions

  • Automated end-to-end visibility for serverless functions through distributed traces

  • Management zones for enterprise-grade security

AI-powered observability

The Dynatrace AI engine provides development and ops teams with automatic and precise answers to issues encountered with applications that includes serverless technologies. Dynatrace provides distributed tracing across serverless functions which enables Davis, our deterministic AI engine, to automatically provide root causes for issues before customers encounter them. Other solutions require manual effort to detect anomalies and to reduce the noise when errors occur. They also require manual investigation to identify the root causes for problems.

Better understanding of application performance issues on user experience and business outcomes

Dynatrace not only provides visibility into end-to-end distributed traces spanning across heterogeneous environments out of the box, but fully integrates with Real User Monitoring. Other solutions lack integration between serverless technologies and Real User Monitoring, which makes it difficult to identify issues that have a direct impact on the end user experience.

This provides insights into how serverless functions are impacting applications, the user experience (e.g. satisfaction) and business outcomes (e.g. bookings, abandonments, ...)

Automated monitoring of applications and services within serverless containers

Dynatrace provides an out-of-the-box universal injection for supported application technologies like Java, .NET Core, Golang, Node.js, PHP. This includes:

  • Auto-monitoring of processes in containers
  • Automated code-level visibility and distributed request and service tracing of applications in containers
  • Integration of meta-information in tagging and naming rules as well as well as management zones.
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We looked at a number of options, but the alternatives were unsuitable as they were not cloud-native or comprehensive. Dynatrace made sense.
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Chris Burrell Head of Technology, Landbay