Leading ecommerce platform provider transforms service and operations management with Dynatrace and ServiceNow

Dynatrace AI-assisted root-cause analysis integrated with ServiceNow increased service availability to 99.95% whilst reducing breached SLAs from 16% to just 0.2% over 2 years



Siloed approach to service management led to duplicated effort and made it challenging to understand which customers were affected by specific issues and prioritize resolution.



Building on a strong foundation

This leading enterprise ecommerce platform promises over 3,500 businesses online storefronts an availability of 99.95%. To deliver this high standard of service to its rapidly growing customer base, the provider migrated its platform to a more scalable cloud-native architecture. To reduce costs and accelerate time to incident resolution in this dynamic and complex environment, it needed to modernize service management. The company already benefitted from Dynatrace’s observability and automation and decided to partner with Eviden, an Atos business, to assist with integrating those capabilities with ServiceNow to create an automated real-time configuration management database (CMDB), and consolidate multiple ticketing platforms into a centralized, highly automated platform for service and operations management.

  • Increased availability

    Instant root cause analysis, AI-assisted prioritization and automation has increased storefront availability to almost 100%.

  • Improved service

    Number of customers affected by issues impacting SLAs was reduced from 16% to 0.2%.

  • Fewer alerts

    10x reduction in alerts after service management is consolidated to a single platform.

  • Lightning-fast customer outreach

    Automated service mapping enabled real-time customer-centric view of incidents to enable proactive customer outreach within 7 minutes after first alert.

  • Better collaboration

    Teams have the shared visibility and intelligent insights needed to drive better business outcomes.

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The journey we have undertaken working with Eviden has allowed us to truly deliver the gold standard of ecommerce platform that we promise our clients. The Dynatrace and ServiceNow integration is now the core of our service management operations.

Its precise answers allow our teams to quickly identify issues and work together on solutions. We’re excited to start rolling out this transformative approach to service management to other business units, so we can reap the benefits of automation across our entire company.
VP of Observability & Automation, Ecommerce Platform Provider

Duplicated work and a barrage of alerts

Previously, service management was fragmented, with different teams relying on multiple ticketing tools. Since these systems were siloed from each other, the same alerts were raised multiple times to different teams, leading to duplicated efforts to solve the same problem. Teams also lacked visibility into how systems were interconnected, meaning they could not identify which customers were being affected by a particular issue, or prioritize issues according to severity. The company knew these challenges would be amplified by migrating to the cloud, as legacy processes could not have coped with the dynamic nature of Kubernetes and microservices.

Single source of truth

Automation was key to transforming service management operations since the company couldn’t scale its service management team in-line with its business growth. The first step was consolidating multiple ticketing platforms so that all alerts were coming through ServiceNow instead.

The integration with Dynatrace means all alerts come with precise context in real-time, helping teams prioritize them according to severity and business impact.

The ServiceNow-Dynatrace integration has led to a tenfold reduction in volume of alerts and ensures all teams are viewing the same data to enhance collaboration and speed up resolution. The number of customers affected by issues impacting SLAs has reduced from 16% to 0.2% over the past two years, and storefront availability has increased to almost 100%.

Better services for customers

The platform provider worked alongside Eviden (Award winning Dynatrace premier partner and ServiceNow Elite partner) to accelerate its service management modernization journey, providing the guidance that would enable it to populate its CMDB with real-time businessaligned data. As Dynatrace provides a real-time topology of the technology environment, Eviden was able to work with the platform company to build a fully accurate service map that made it possible to link back-end issues to specific customers. The platform provider can now notify customers of issues within seven minutes, by which time

they have already started on a resolution. It also enables teams to prioritize their efforts more effectively for customers with larger contracts, improving overall qualityof service.

Through this project, Eviden earned Dynatrace’s ITSM & ITOM Competencies, and is now working with the ecommerce platform provider to reengineer service management for other business units.