Waltham, MASS – November 19, 2019 Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) today announced that Porsche Informatik, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg, has deployed the Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform to accelerate software innovation and deliver exceptional user experiences. Porsche Informatik selected Dynatrace® to provide comprehensive and unified observability across its applications, infrastructure, and its customers’ digital experiences to drive its digital transformation. Porsche Informatik recognized that with Dynatrace’s all-in-one platform with multiple modules that share a common data model, it could go beyond simple data collection and manual analysis. And by leveraging Davis®, the powerful explainable AI engine at the core of Dynatrace®, Porsche Informatik would be able to drive instant answers to business, operations, and development issues.

“With over 160 applications and millions of users globally, we need to focus on accelerating innovation and developing the world’s leading automotive software, not assembling and integrating piece part monitoring tools,” said Manfred Immitzer, Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer at Porsche Informatik. “We needed a complete and unified view of every user’s experience, our applications and our infrastructure. More importantly, we needed the real-time precise answers to anomalies and degradations in service that Davis provides so that we can accelerate software innovation with confidence.”

Porsche Informatik provides digital solutions to marque brands such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini and Skoda, supporting the transformation of automotive customer experiences. There are several megatrends shaping the automotive industry, from connected cars and autonomous driving, to electric vehicles and the sharing economy. Coupled with the rising trend of digitalization and increased user expectations, Porsche Informatik has the ambition to innovate faster and create new customer-centric digital experiences.

“We need to be agile by design, so we can react quickly to changing market trends and gain competitive advantage by delivering software innovation much faster,” Immitzer continued. “Our goal is to decrease time to market by 90 percent, but to be this agile, we needed to re-think how we handled performance monitoring and management. Doing things the same way was not going to suffice in this environment. We looked at the competition, and we determined that with the rising volume and velocity of data flowing through our cloud environments, relying primarily on sifting through logs and dashboards was no longer viable. Dynatrace’s AI-driven approach was the only way that we were going to accelerate our innovation in today’s fast-moving environment. In the end, it is all about ensuring performance for the customer via end-to-end monitoring.”

Porsche Informatik needs to ensure that it is constantly delivering innovation that works for its users 24/7. As part of its transformation, the company moved to a new-stack cloud architecture. The scale and dynamic nature of this cloud meant more applications and microservices, more code and more dependencies that cut across user experience, applications, and infrastructure. With Davis® at its core, Dynatrace® provided Porsche Informatik with the confidence that it could quickly identify problems, and their precise root cause, to expedite resolution before customers were impacted. Only Dynatrace was capable of monitoring every component of Porsche Informatik’s hybrid cloud environment across the full stack, providing precise answers and proactive, actionable user experience insights in a single unified platform.

To hear more, please visit the Porsche Informatik customer testimonial on the Dynatrace website.