FTD flourishes in peak season with Dynatrace

"Dynatrace is the monitor and protector of the customer journey."

Jay Topper - Chief Digital Officer at FTD


FTD has been undergoing a major digital transformation in an effort to modernize its services and redefine the end-to-end customer experience. This led to the launch of a new digital e-commerce platform, which is 100% microservices-based and running in the cloud. As a result, it needed a new, more modern approach to monitoring to ensure it was able to maintain end-to-end observability into the customer journey across its modern e-commerce platform, without any blind spots.

"Dynatrace had empathy in understanding what we were going through, so we really were side by side as we went through this experience."

Jay Topper - Chief Digital Officer at FTD

Why Dynatrace

  • Creating end-to-end visibility: The automatic and intelligent observability from Dynatrace enables FTD to monitor customer journeys from end-to-end as they navigate its new e-commerce platform. As a result, FTD’s teams can maintain full visibility into customer experiences and continually identify new ways to optimize their digital journey.
  • Enabling better business outcomes: The AI-powered answers from Dynatrace enabled FTD to accelerate the transition to its new e-commerce platform to maximize revenues during its busiest time of the year. With Dynatrace, FTD was able to identify potential problems and proactively resolve them before customers were impacted, helping to increase conversions.
  • Accelerating digital innovation: With the AI-assistance from Dynatrace, FTD has been able to automate more processes within its CI/CD pipeline. This has enabled its DevOps team to increase the frequency of software release cycles to drive faster innovation for the business and its customers.
  • Optimizing IT efficiency: The software intelligence and precise answers from Dynatrace have enabled FTD to identify the precise root cause of any digital performance issues in real-time. As a result, its DevOps teams have been able to shorten mean-time-to-resolution and create frictionless digital journeys for its customers.
"As Dynatrace comes out with new features and functions, we want to be at the forefront of trying those out. I can’t actually imagine anything that Dynatrace could come out with that we wouldn’t be interested in trying."

Jay Topper - Chief Digital Officer at FTD

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