ASICS optimizes cloud performance and maximizes site conversions with Dynatrace

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Growing complexity clouding performance problems

As a global athletic footwear and apparel company, ASICS is on a mission to become the number one brand for sports enthusiasts, helping athletes worldwide to improve their performance. Part of achieving this lies in delivering a perfect software experience to all shoppers, to keep them loyal to the brand, especially during busy shopping periods like Black Friday and the wider holiday season.

ASICS had migrated its key B2C and B2B commerce applications based on SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) for the US, Australia and New Zealand markets to run on scalable AWS infrastructure. As this environment grew in complexity, it became more difficult to pinpoint the causes of performance problems impacting customers, potentially resulting in lost revenue. ASICS needed a solution that could help it to keep on top of its own performance, so it can continue helping its customers achieve their own goals.

Intelligence beyond traditional tools

ASICS selected Dynatrace’s AI-powered platform because it was built for the cloud and provides intelligence and automation beyond traditional monitoring tools. Once installed, Dynatrace automatically mapped out ASICS’ cloud environment. Its native support for SAP CX and AWS meant that ASICS instantly benefited from full end-to-end visibility of its cloud environment.

"Dynatrace’s automated deployment capabilities made rolling it out quick and easy. Previously this might have taken a sprint cycle to deploy, but with the one agent approach we got up and running within a day."

Greg Anderson - Manager, Global Solution Delivery Team, ASICS

Life with Dynatrace

  • Instant time to value – Dynatrace’s automated deployment provided instant visibility into the cloud environment, ensuring ASICS was able to rapidly access performance insights.
  • Precise root-cause analysis – Dynatrace’s AI-powered software intelligence platform provided ASICS with the ability to continually provide precise root cause to potential problems before they impact customers.
  • Maximized conversions and revenues – Dynatrace identified an increased error rate for a third-party payment gateway affecting 5% of customers and resulting in failed purchases. Dynatrace instantly identified the problem and pointed ASICS to a third-party payment provider to resolve the problem, ensuring minimal customer impact.

“Without Dynatrace, a problem in the lead up to Black Friday could have potentially led 5% of our customers to abandon transactions. The AI gives you the answers rather than just more data, which means you can respond to and resolve problems quickly,” commented Greg Anderson, Manager, Global Solution Delivery Team, ASICS.

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