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Zurich insurance: a transformational model for improving customer experience

As we move further from a physical world towards software based architectures, transformation of management approaches need to change! Customer experience has become the primary focus for best in class service delivery.

Zurich Insurance have recognized this need and have taken steps to address key transformational shifts through integrating Dynatrace technology within a service management framework. The industrialized approach to providing business and customer experience insights has increased transparency and enabled at scale consumption of CSC’s digital performance management service.

CSC’s JP Morgenthal, Matt Kay and Zurich’s Juan Antonio Conde shared with us the business outcomes and increased confidence provided to Zurich in managing existing services and launching new products to market.

For digital initiatives to be a success, the transition to a next generation operating model needs to be redesigned rather than being transposed from the past

“Identifying users’ activity or specific complaints was never so easy and evident” said Juan Antonio Conde , Zurich Insurance.

Take this away: “We increase our control over the online business activity (# of quotes, proposals, etc…) , and we can identify any disruption in the service we provide to our customers”.