Vertical topology grouping in smartscape

Ever felt lost trying to wrap your brain around the topology of your application environment? Dynatrace smartscape is here to help! Smartscape automatically discovers your entire application stack, from your network infrastructure, to the services that support your application, and all the way out to your end users’ web browsers. Smartscape presents all of this to you in an integrated, interactive visualization that grows with your environment as it scales.

We’ve now enhanced smartscape with a feature that makes it much easier to visualize very large environments: vertical topology grouping. Vertical topology grouping allows you to view your entire environment topology without scrolling the page. Have a look at the difference:

Here’s a large environment visualized without vertical topology grouping:

smartscape vertical topology groupings

And now here’s that same environment, visualized in smartscape with vertical topology grouping:

smartscape vertical topology groupings

Cool, isn’t it? Note that instances of the same entity are consolidated into a single node with a “number of instances” tag. In the example below, Dynatrace has grouped 24 services that run on Apache Tomcat into a single node.

smartscape vertical topology groupings

Topology grouping is available for each smartscape tier. All groups can be easily expanded or collapsed to view their contents and navigate around.

smartscape vertical topology groupings

This beautiful solution makes smartscape clearer and easier to read, which is exactly what you need if you have a continuously scaling environment.

Hope you enjoy this new feature. Feel free to contact us with your feedback!

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