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Why “Try another browser” is no longer acceptable

Users can be demanding, and you won’t find a more demanding group than social savvy millennials. These punks have grown up believing they pretty much know everything, are never wrong, and demand immediate, accurate responses when interacting on social.

If websites are slow or apps crash, it’s not just lost revenue – but also damage to your brand.

Last year we ran a survey and found 51% of millennials would turn to social media to complain if a website or app performs badly. Reading between the lines, application and digital experiences are no longer just an issue for IT.

These millennials believe, and rightly so, they are not a transaction.

When digital experiences fail, it’s comical for the social observer, but its no laughing matter for the brand, or the social media team. Put simply, reply with accuracy; reply with speed; reply with intelligence…or else.

It’s no longer OK to reply with “try another browser”.

But we keep doing this:

I ran a simple search query and found that the phrase “try another browser” is mentioned quite frequently. And it’s not just small businesses, but brand and industry leaders, too. And, at this point, I should mention that I post this image with some trepidation because several of these companies are good customers of Dynatrace.

To me this suggests two things:

  1. There is an opportunity for some of these brands to take a competitive advantage
  2. Some of these social media and marketing teams need to head over to IT and have a chat about some of the crazy user-experience insights they can gain. Sorry Marketing, Google Analytics isn’t the answer.

Here is a snippet from a presentation I did last year that talks about why social media teams, and marketing teams, need access to digital experience data.

One of the unique capabilities of Dynatrace is the ability to see every user, every click, tap, swipe, on every single device. This gives you a distinct advantage by being able to see a user who is struggling to check out, failing to login in, or having trouble on their digital journey. If user experience is the single biggest differentiator, and social media is one of the most critical marketing communication channels, then aligning Dynatrace data to your social arsenal is really a no-brainer.