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Dynatrace can provide a 274% return on investment over three years

Other benefits include faster software innovation, continuously improved user experiences, and increased operational efficiency, achieved with automatic and intelligent observability.

We are excited to share the results of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of the Dynatrace® platform. The study examines the potential return on investment (ROI) and business benefits organizations may realize by deploying Dynatrace. Through customer interviews and financial analysis, Forrester found that a composite organization will experience benefits of $20.16 million and a 274% ROI over three years, with a payback period of under six months.

Here’s a look at what interviewed customers had to say about Dynatrace:

  • “Before, we could wait a year for a new feature. Now, we can have it within a month. Dynatrace gives us more releases, and more confidence in those releases.” – Chief Cloud and Delivery Officer, Financial Services
  • “The big difference in Dynatrace, and the selling point for me was the intelligence, root-cause analysis, and that Dynatrace is automatically analyzing the whole stack.” – Director of IT Operations, Healthcare Technology
  • “Other tools lack the AI that Dynatrace has. There are times [when] Dynatrace catches issues before other systems do. Dynatrace helps other tools work better by showing them the right direction.” – Chief Cloud and Delivery Officer, Financial Services
  • “It just makes sense that Dynatrace monitors your security for you since it already has all the information. If [Dynatrace] can apply [its Davis AI] with the same capabilities in terms of security, that’s a huge benefit.” – Head of Tech, Healthcare
  • “We do more and more with Dynatrace because it minimizes our effort. We build it into pipelines and test automation, and that automation gets us to a position where our services auto-heal.” – Head of Tech, Healthcare

The study identified a range of key benefits of the Dynatrace® platform, including:

  • Faster software innovation. Dynatrace enabled a 40% increase in DevOps efficiency by significantly reducing the time required to successfully deploy applications and updates. Over three years, this provides more than $5.2 million in value.
  • More efficient operations of modern-cloud workloads and infrastructure. Interviewees described rising complexity across their cloud environments, prior to investing in Dynatrace. The deep observability and advanced AIOps brought by the Dynatrace platform increased operational efficiency and reduced false-positive alerts by 95%, resulting in an additional value of more than $1.8 million over the three-year period.
  • Consistently better business outcomes. Dynatrace enabled teams to provide a better experience for customers, which increased both retention rates and net promoter scores. This resulted in a 4% reduction in customer churn rate, providing an additional value of nearly $4.9  million over three years.

Dynatrace Chief Marketing Officer Mike Maciag shared his perspective on the research, noting: “Organizations are facing pressure to digitally transform faster than ever before, but without an intelligent solution, providing end-to-end observability, precise insights, and continuous automation, it’s impossible to keep up. We believe this research affirms the breadth of capabilities, use cases, and industries the Dynatrace platform supports. It also underlines Dynatrace’s ability to enable the world’s largest organizations to overcome the biggest hurdles to innovation and give teams time back to focus on driving their transformation faster, and with greater confidence.”

To learn more, The Total Economic Impact of Dynatrace, is now available for download.