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Tech Transforms podcast: Building in user experience from the application development level

On the Tech Transforms podcast, sponsored by Dynatrace, we talk to some of the most prominent influencers shaping critical government technology decisions.

User experience monitoring is critical for organizations that want to keep their end users happy, whether they are customers, admins, or employees. Many organizations’ IT teams address digital experience in the latter half of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). But with the rise of DevSecOps and the “shift left” of development practices, more organizations are beginning to see the benefits of building user experience earlier into the SDLC. The digital experiences that enable IT teams to do their best work — the experiences that are smooth, available, and fast — stem from the application development level.

On Episode 62 of the Tech Transforms podcast, we sit down with Alan Gross, Solutions Architect & Tech Lead at Sandia National Laboratories. Gross has taken on the challenge of managing a fast-paced tech environment, supporting Sandia in advancements with open source and industry collaboration. In this episode, Gross highlights the significance of inter-department collaboration and understanding IT teams’ needs to reach broader mission goals.

Gross describes the benefits of his approach that he calls UX Ops, or user experience operations. UX Ops chiefly focuses on improving the overall experience for his development team. Gross focuses on the importance of building a strong user experience foundation to improve software quality and delivery. He also emphasizes the importance of failing fast, iterating and embracing a culture of teamwork, and continuous learning.

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User experience and DevSecOps make a positive impact

Sandia National Laboratories has made remarkable contributions to national security and technology innovation. This episode additionally delves into Sandia’s groundbreaking work in microservices and serverless architecture and their adoption of DevOps and DevSecOps principles. Gross also unpacks Sandia’s initiatives in climate simulation and hypersonic weapons development. These efforts demonstrate the lab’s dedication to pushing boundaries and making a positive impact on the world. Accompanied by a driven, passionate team, Gross’s work helps position Sandia at the apex of technological advancements. Ultimately, they aim to shape a better future through their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Tech Transforms Episode 62 cover image depicting Carolyn Ford, Mark Senell, and guest Alan Gross. This episode of Tech Transforms explores how user experience starts at the development level.

Tune in to the full episode to hear more from Gross on UX Ops.

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