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Organize monitored components with tags

Dynatrace now provides you with the ability to tag the components of your application environment, enabling you to organize your monitoring data based on key criteria such as environment type, purpose, or owner.

Tags are completely customizable and thereby serve as a simple form of annotation that can be leveraged across Dynatrace. Once assigned, you can use tags to filter lists of services, hosts.  Tagging enables you to get a quick overview of the performance of your application environment based on the criteria that’s most relevant to your environment.

The example below shows how tagging production-related services allows for a quick overview of the performance of all production-related services in your environment. By clicking the Production tag in the left-hand pane (and sorting using the Requests column) you can see at a glance which service has the highest number of requests per minute.


Currently, you can assign tags to:

  • Services
  • Hosts
  • AWS components ( EC2, RDS, & ELB)

Tagging options will be extended later, so stay tuned for updates.

Component tags are searchable via Dynatrace search, making it super easy to view lists of related components and track down monitoring results for individual components.


Create and apply custom tags

Tags can be set up and applied to components in a couple of different ways.

To apply a tag to an individual host or service

  1. Navigate to the component’s details page.
  2. Expand the Properties pane, and click Add tag.
  3. Type in the tag name and click Add.


  1. Go to Settings > Tagging.
  2. Type a custom tag name into the field and click Add.
    Please note that new tag names must be unique.
  3. Click the newly added tag name and select the components that are to be associated with the tag, as shown below.
    You can use the drop lists to filter components based on type (Services, Hosts, or AWS) or tag status (Tagged or Untagged). 
    entity selection
    Another handy way of filtering related components is the integrated search field. Just type in a string—all components with names that include the string are immediately displayed in the list, ready for tagging.

Auto-detected Amazon Web Services tags

In addition to custom tags that you create in Dynatrace, you can also take advantage of tags you’ve set up in your Amazon Management Console for components such as EC2, ELB, and RDS. AWS tags are labels that commonly consist of a key with an optional value.

Note: Unlike custom tags you create in Dynatrace, auto-detected can be deleted only in Amazon Management Console.