OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes version v1.133



  • Improved Oracle WebLogic process group detection. Detection now evaluates the WebLogic domain and cluster configuration of each WebLogic process.
  • Support for IIOP remote services for Oracle WebLogic
  • Support for Jetty HTTP Client 9.x


  • Added support for NetModules


  • Node.js version 7.x will be deprecated with Dynatrace version 135


Real user monitoring (JavaScript)

  • JavaScript injection for WebSphere Liberty 17.0.0.x was added

General improvements and fixes

  • Automatic detection of pod memory limit for PaaS type Kubernetes/OpenShift. As a prerequisite, you need to grant the dynatrace service account view permissions for your project’s metadata.
  • Detection of Google App Engine containers and their memory limits
  • Detection of AWS Lambda containers and their memory limits
  • Improved naming and additional properties (for example, AWS account ID and region) for Docker images pulled from Amazon ECR image repositories
  • Public beta release of technology monitoring support for Garden-runC containers
  • KVM and QEMU based virtual machines are now detected as processes and listed along with their resource consumption within each host’s process list

Besides sailing and horseback riding, Pawel was always a passionate of application performance management and end user experience monitoring. Currently he applies years of market experience in this area as a Dynatrace Product Manager.

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