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Introducing Previews and Early Adopter Releases to drive faster time to value

We’re up-leveling the life cycle stages of Dynatrace capabilities and features in order to provide faster time to value for our customers.

More capabilities will be released faster to General Availability (GA)

We’re constantly working to provide as much value as possible to our customers. One element of our customers’ (and our own) success is the speed of innovation at which we operate. Increased automation and other improvements along our continuous delivery pipeline—of course, including our own internal leveraging of Dynatrace—have helped us to raise the bar for every one of our 24 releases each year. So we’re proud to announce that, going forward, even more capabilities will be released directly to General Availability (GA) to accelerate customer time to value and improve your ROI with Dynatrace.

Early Adopter Releases help you stay ahead of the curve

One component of the secret sauce of Dynatrace is OneAgent. A single OneAgent installed on each monitored host can automatically and continuously discover all application and infrastructure components and their dependencies across an environment, thereby enabling Software Intelligence at scale. As OneAgent runs on business-critical systems, it’s treated with special care. Following extensive testing in our environments, we will release select new OneAgent capabilities as Early Adopter Releases for the fastest possible time to value.

  • Early Adopter Releases are available to all customers.
  • Early Adopter Releases are replacing all current Beta programs.
  • Early Adopter Releases are provided in order to ensure production readiness in large and complex environments.
  • Early Adopter Releases are fully supported, have been fully tested, and are close to GA.
  • Early Adopter Releases consume licensing units.

Previews provide an early glimpse into new capabilities

The scalability of Dynatrace and its ease of use in huge environments is unmatched. One critical success factor that makes this possible is the in-depth conversations we have with our customers during the early phases of newly released functionality. By working closely with our customers, we ensure that Dynatrace provides maximum value, especially to large businesses that leverage dynamic applications in hybrid clouds. Previews allow customers to get an early glimpse of new capabilities and provide input during the early stages of new functionalities.

  • Previews are offered invite-only to provide an early glimpse into new capabilities.
  • Previews are replacing current Early Access Programs (EAPs).
  • Previews are provided to gather early feedback from our customers so that we can maximize the value of new functionalities.
  • Preview capabilities may or may not end up in the product depending on demand and feedback. Most of the time, Preview features will make it to GA.
  • We don’t provide support SLAs for Previews. Previews operate under Product Management oversight and aren’t fully supported.
  • Previews don’t consume licensing units.

For information about specific Previews and Early Adopter Releases, please have a look at the list of currently running programs.