How Dynatrace Davis Assistant became Doctify’s most loyal, reliable team member

Doctify is a very cool partner of ours – they’re behind the online health tech platform that allows patients to connect with doctors and specialists, making it quick and easy for you to find physicians, compare them through user reviews and schedule appointments. They’re making a big difference in helping to improve people’s lives, which makes it all the more gratifying that the Dynatrace AI assistant Davis® has become such an important part of their team – or, as they put it, their most loyal and reliable cloud ops team member.

As Devonte Emokpae, Head of Development at Doctify, explained, just talking through performance issues and root cause analyses with Davis can shave off five minutes on their mean-time-to-resolution at any given time. When you add up those five minutes over a day, a week or a month, that becomes a huge amount of time saved for proactively addressing outages, slowdowns and other performance issues, and creating an overall better customer experience.

Here’s Devonte himself on how Davis has become such an instrumental part of helping them do what they do:

A faster, easier alternative to dashboards

This is exactly the kind of story we love to hear from our partners and customers. Our driving mission with Davis, and everything we do at Dynatrace, is to make life easier for our customers – to simplify cloud complexity and speed up innovation.

Dynatrace Davis is helping companies like Doctify cut through all the noise associated with X and Y, focus on what matters most and find quick, more proactive ways to solving performance problems. By integrating with Amazon Alexa, Slack and soon Microsoft’s Cortana, Davis gives IT teams plenty of options to talk with our AI assistant to help identify and resolve performance issues, via whatever means best suits them.

The buzz about Doctify and Davis

We’re not the only ones talking about how Davis has been a gamechanger for Doctify. Check out what others are saying:

Learn more about Davis and sign up today for a free trial of the AI assistant that our friends at Doctify have named their most loyal and reliable team member.

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