Get to know Dynatracers: Molly Rossman

At Dynatrace, career development is a key priority.

Dynatrace strives to create a culture that encourages employees to pursue their interests as they continually develop, learn, and grow. Employees can become an expert in a certain field, enhance their leadership skills, or even switch departments and focus on something new. Supporting Dynatracers in their professional growth is central to the organization’s culture.

In addition to work-life balance, culture, and compensation, professional development is essential to being motivated in one’s career. That’s why Dynatrace offers various resources, including unlimited access to online courses, training and education support, educational reimbursement, and more. Together, Dynatrace partners with its employees to help them define their strengths, set goals, and achieve greatness.

Meet Molly Rossman

As a Dynatracer of more than five years, Molly Rossman has had a notable career journey thus far. From her early days in the Professional Development Program (PDP) to her current role as talent development program coordinator, Rossman has traveled a career path of tremendous growth.

Rossman knew that Dynatrace was the right organization for her after her first interview and she experienced the workplace culture. Since then, she graduated from PDP and transferred into a consultant role. Then, she was promoted to senior consultant and finally made the switch to the People & Culture team. Rossman explained that her desire for organizational change sparked this move. “It made the most sense for what I wanted to do in my career: help the people of Dynatrace,” she said.

With her strong passion for people, Rossman strives for a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. She transferred her personal passions into her current role through her work with people development and employee resource groups at Dynatrace. Regarding her thoughts on professional development, Rossman shared, “Our career and our personal development is kind of a lifelong journey.”

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