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Easier SAML federation setup with improved workflow

Dynatrace enables authentication through your organization’s identity provider (IdP). If you want to use your organization’s corporate credentials for authentication in Dynatrace, you can set up SAML to delegate authentication to your IdP.

To make it easier for you to set up a single sign-on solution for Dynatrace in enterprise environments, we’ve improved the workflow for setting up SAML federation by introducing a setup wizard that walks you through the whole process.


Before starting the wizard, you must verify ownership of your company domain by adding a resource record to your domain.

SAML federation wizard

1. Configuration

First, you need to download and import the required XML metadata to your IdP (identity provider). Then you need to upload the metadata from your IdP to Dynatrace. For full details, see the guidelines in Dynatrace Help.


2. Validation

Once the configuration is complete, you need to validate it. The results are shown on the second page of the wizard following sign-in.


3. Activation

If validation is successful, you can continue to the third page where you can enable federation for your domain.

Enable federation