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LATAM COVID-19 readiness

Just like all other regions of the world, Dynatrace customers in Latin American (LATAM) are confronting new challenges as the global pandemic of COVID-19 forces companies to adapt to application and software demands. With the increasing consumption of infrastructure and core applications coupled with sustaining a fast and error-free user experience, Dynatrace is helping customers meet expectations of their customers.

What are the changes?

To conform with new government guidelines, organizations around the world are shutting their offices but not operations. Instead, they’re looking to working alternatives:

  • Employees are working from home, where possible.
  • Mobile apps in place of in-person contact.
  • Increased demand for specific products and mission-critical apps.

Each of these changes come with new challenges. For instance, are workers successfully working from home? And, with an increased demand for products and services do customers know what’s available and in real-time? And more importantly, can organizations’ infrastructure cope with the increasing demand?

Here, I want to demonstrate how some of our Dynatrace customers in LATAM are using our platform to adapt, change and improve their processes to confront this unique situation with case study examples from various industries:


Over the past few weeks, a major insurance provider in Colombia instrumented all their core applications infrastructure with Dynatrace, to ensure they have end-to-end visibility and can adequately monitor their mission-critical applications to cope with the increase in patient enquires via their mobile app, due to COVID-19. The provider is also monitoring the internal doctor and clinic appointments scheduling apps as well, to ensure application availability to both external and internal customers at a time when this is more critical than ever.


Pharmacies have undoubtedly seen an increase in demand during the pandemic, meaning they’ve had to find ways to better serve customers in these times of need. One of the major pharmacy chains in Mexico started focusing on real-time end-user analytics captured by Dynatrace to determine where and which products were the most purchased. With this real-time information, they can speed up product inventory replenishment schedules, move merchandise to where it is most needed and ensure the most purchased items were in stock and readily available. Without having this data, the pharmacy may not have known this was the most desired product and ran out – unable to service their customers’ needs.

With this real-time information, they can speed up product inventory replenishment schedules and move merchandise to where it is most needed.


Now that many companies are asking their employees to work from home, there is more pressure than ever on internet and phone providers.

In Argentina, a major telecom provider is deploying over 4,000 remote workstations so their employees can work remotely. At the same time, they are working on implementing Dynatrace to monitor the performance of the infrastructure needed to provide these services, to guarantee a fast and reliable experience to all those working remotely from home.


The response time chart below is from a retail chain in Mexico, showing a couple of “blips” where the performance response time went way below average. This is an example of where a low response time is not necessarily a good indicator, this had to be checked.

Delving deeper into the detail of the transactions during that time and checking the waterfall diagrams it was found that several JavaScript errors occurred only during those two specific time frames when a new version of the application was deployed. Dynatrace indicated exactly where in the code these errors appeared, and they were able to fix that part of the code so it didn’t happen again.

The Dynatrace Latin America team is ready to assist and help you get through these new demands. You can start right now by downloading a free trial here: https://www.dynatrace.es/trial/