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Dynatrace accelerates the convergence of observability and security with the acquisition of SpectX

Dynatrace recently announced the acquisition of the high-speed parsing and query analytics company, SpectX. The scale and complexity of modern cloud environments continues to grow, and DevOps and security teams need to keep up with the large volume of data generated by these environments. The addition of SpectX brings continuous analytics to these data volumes and further advances Dynatrace’s ability to address these challenges.

Dynamic hybrid, multicloud environments require a new approach

Modern hybrid, multicloud environments are constantly changing. They generate massive amounts of data that needs to be analyzed in context and in real-time to ensure the performance and security of digital services, and to support autonomous operations in the world’s leading organizations. Some observability and security monitoring solutions succeed at ingesting data from these clouds, but they lack the continuous automation, precision, and context DevOps and security teams require.

A new approach is needed that offers the openness and flexibility to ingest massive volumes of data from any source, as well as the ability to combine this data with intelligence and continuous automation to drive efficient and secure cloud operations.

Observability and security converge

The acquisition of SpectX provides advanced high-speed parsing and analytic capabilities to the full range of Dynatrace data – logs, events, traces, metrics, topology, and data from user experiences and the latest open-source observability standards, including OpenTelemetry. Combining this with the Dynatrace platform brings together observability and security, enabling teams to make smarter decisions, drive safer and more efficient cloud operations, and automate workflows.

This should come as no surprise to Dynatrace customers, as the innovative mindset is key to what’s made Dynatrace the leading observability platform for modern cloud environments.

As Bernd Greifeneder, Founder and CTO at Dynatrace, said, “Market-leading innovation is core to the Dynatrace culture, and we are always looking for ways to accelerate our innovation and embrace exceptional talent to help us scale. With SpectX, we are fulfilling both goals. Its advanced analytics solution fits seamlessly into our product roadmap, while its exceptionally talented team will further our ability to help the world’s leading organizations to accelerate digital innovation. Ultimately, this acquisition will empower us to leap even further ahead of our competition in terms of differentiation and value for these organizations.”

See the press release, Dynatrace acquires SpectX, accelerating the convergence of observability and security to learn more.