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Join the brightest minds in the modern cloud for two days of learning, workshops, and networking.

Together, we’ll explore what’s now and shape what’s next in observability, security, AI, and beyond.

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Get inspired to innovate

Hear insights, best practices, and new ideas you can use to drive automation, deliver better and more secure user experiences, and accelerate business transformation efforts right now.

  • Learn from industry leaders

    Hear transformation stories and use cases from customers at the forefront of AI and observability.

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  • Explore the latest innovations

    Get hands-on training with the solutions powering app performance and helping teams do amazing things with data.

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  • Share insights with fellow experts

    Network and share ideas with hundreds of peers, IT leaders, and observability and security experts from across your area.

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Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio
4700 Jardim Paulista
São Paulo, Brazil

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Sao Paulo


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