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2023 Global CISO Report: Regional Banks

CISOs struggle to manage risk due to DevSecOps inefficiencies

As cloud environments become increasingly complex, organizations are adopting DevSecOps to innovate faster without compromising security.

We asked 1,300 CISOs about the challenges they face on their journey to DevSecOps maturity. Here’s what they told us:

  • Silos, fragmented tool sets, and manual processes prevent a unified view of security issues and waste time.
  • Without context about risk to the environment, prioritizing vulnerabilities is difficult.
  • DevSecOps would be more effective if all teams worked from one platform.

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Key takeaways

Here’s what CISOs are saying.

Two-thirds say vulnerability management is harder because their software supply chain and cloud ecosystem are so complex.

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Only 50% are fully confident that apps have been tested for vulnerabilities before going into production.

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78% admit that IT, development, and security teams still handle shift-left and shift-right security in silos.

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75% say team silos and point solutions make it easier for vulnerabilities to slip into production.

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81% worry they’ll see more vulnerability exploits if they can’t make DevSecOps work more effectively.

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Development, security, and IT teams are finding that the vulnerability management controls they have in place are no longer adequate... To overcome this, they should use solutions that converge observability and security data and are powered by trusted AI and intelligent automation.
Bernd Greifeneder SVP, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Dynatrace

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