The Global Digital Performance & Transformation Audit

IT complexity causes revenue impacting performance problems once every 5 days

In an independent study involving more than 1,200 global IT and business professionals, Dynatrace reveals that it’s commonplace for organizations to encounter customer and revenue-impacting performance problems every five days.

This results in professionals from IT to marketing losing a quarter of their working lives battling digital performance problems that impact customer experience, revenue and digital transformation success.

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Performance problems hit where it hurts

The research shows that senior managers across marketing, e-commerce, IT, customer service and software development are wasting about 10 hours per week trying to find and fix digital performance issues that hit hard, and unexpectedly.

  • Sales

E-commerce professionals lose 2.5 hours/day

  • Marketing

Marketing professionals lose nearly 2 hours/day

  • Time

IT operations professionals lose over 2 hours/day

  • Analyze

Software developers lose over 2 hours/day

The global IT complexity challenge

The sprawling digital landscape is constantly evolving and becoming more convoluted.

In this report, respondents from around the world reveal differing IT complexity challenges depending on location. In France, scalability of the IT infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges, while in Australia businesses laid claim to internal collaboration issues across teams as a barrier to digital transformation success.

48% of Millennials will abandon a site or app if it fails to load in 3 seconds

  • Performance

A typical organization monitors less than 5% of their apps for performance & availability

  • Smartscape

On average, a single transaction uses 82 different types of technology

  • Container

Containers can live in a microservices environment for as little as 10 seconds

Change can be hard

Download the report above to see how your digital performance, and confidence, stack up against across various business functions (IT Operations and development, E-commerce, Marketing, Customer Service).

Share in the fight for digital betterment. Start building your case for change now, your customers will thank you for it.

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