How Verizon boosted product delivery with Dynatrace intelligence

With help from Dynatrace on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Verizon vastly improved their product lifecycle, with a significant increase in the speed and quality of their deployments.

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Verizon Enterprise

“Verizon saw vast improvement across its product lifecycle. The speed and quality of its deployments has increased greatly and its time to revenue realization has been reduced. Rather than deploying every month, Verizon now deploys every two weeks”

Anil Chintalapudi, Senior Technical Manager, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

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The challenge: Deliver the best customer experience possible

Verizon‘s LTE network covers 98% of the U.S. population. Verizon is dedicated to delivering the best experience possible through interactive entertainment, digital media, the Internet of Things, and broadband services for customers.

Verizon’s massive global customer base makes managing and enhancing users’ experience a top priority. It is constantly seeking innovative ways to expand its operational capabilities. While using its previous logging and monitoring system, Verizon found that its revenue realization time was falling short of business goals. It was also difficult for it to pinpoint and remediate issues quickly within the infrastructure, leading to 48 hours of regression to build, test, and deploy after every change. Verizon’s lack of visibility was making it difficult to continuously improve and optimize its practices. All of this led to a less stable and impressive experience for Verizon customers

Compounding the issue, Verizon had a fixed set of on-premises application servers which restricted its operational capabilities. Verizon wanted to move its operations to a dynamic cloud environment but knew that it was going to be a very complex project. The Verizon team needed to plan the project carefully and find a monitoring partner that would ensure a successful migration and would allow Verizon to optimize operations in the new environment.


The solution: Dynatrace unparalleled monitoring capabilities

After assessing different solutions on the market, Verizon chose Dynatrace because of its unparalleled logging and monitoring capabilities. Dynatrace would make it possible for Verizon to migrate successfully and capitalize on the new agile cloud environment by implementing a comprehensive DevOps methodology

Dynatrace defined three key areas that would allow Verizon to succeed in the cloud:

  1. IT Transformation
  2. Cloud Native Initiative
  3. Monitoring as a Safety Net


IT transformation

Verizon’s goal was to speed up delivery time while increasing the quality of deliveries, minimizing the time needed for issue remediation. Leveraging an automated root-cause analysis allows Verizon to identify bad code changes before deployment and stop broken builds earlier in the development pipeline.


Cloud native initiative

Dynatrace helped Verizon migrate workloads to AWS to take advantage of Application Auto Scaling capabilities. Verizon provisions the bare minimum Amazon EC2 instances and uses Dynatrace monitoring to determine when it needs to add more. Verizon established continuous feedback loops to ensure it‘s constantly improving and reducing remediation time.


Monitoring as a safety net

Dynatrace helped Verizon use monitoring as a learning tool. It used data collected before Dynatrace’s help to establish baselines for future changes and validate the quality after the transformation. Verizon’s continuous monitoring allows them to validate and fail quickly, minimizing cost and downtime.



Verizon saw vast improvement across its product lifecycle. The speed and quality of its deployments has increased greatly and its time to revenue realization has been reduced. Rather than deploying every month, Verizon now deploys every two weeks.


Verizon needed to shorten the time to revenue realization and pinpoint and remediate issues faster. They needed to plan and find a monitoring solution that would help them successfully migrate and optimize operations in their new cloud environment.



Verizon migrated to Amazon Web Services and deployed Dynatrace for logging and monitoring. Dynatrace enabled Verizon to capitalize on their agile cloud environment by implementing comprehensive DevOps practices.


About Verizon Enterprise Solutions

  • Division of Verizon Communications
  • Verizon's LTE network covers 98% of the U.S. population
  • Operates 200 data centers in 22 countries
  • Business clients include most of Fortune 500 companies
  • 162,000 employees, 126 billion USD revenues (Verizon Communications 2016)

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