"If we get an alert, we immediately know what to do and how to fix the issue. Days of spammed inboxes are a thing of the past!"

Pallavi Jain


What type of application are you monitoring?

We operate heavily loaded APIs for our mobile app that run on JBoss within our own datacenters in the UK. These APIs are essential for our mobile offering and are clustered on a large number of servers.

What were you using before Dynatrace?

Prior to Dynatrace we were using a variety of tools to cover certain aspects of our environment. We had to follow the data of several tools closely in order to gain some insight into our production environment. Needless to say that keeping track of the whole story was a mere pain.

Why did you choose to try Dynatrace? (What did we show you that hit your pain points?)

Since our mobile business is growing at incredibly fast rates we were in deep need of a reliable, integrated monitoring solution to make sure we deliver the quality our customers expect. We did not want to spend a lot of time on setup, plugin installation & configuration or even on setting up and maintaining in-house infrastructure to collect the monitoring data. We wanted a flexible solution that was easy to use and operational within minutes. The deep insight into Java processes and the hosted Java web services, including the smart on demand response time analysis, is a highly valuable shortcut for us to find out what is going on in real world. Since we are operating a large number of servers and web services we were absolutely thrilled with the absence of threshold based alerting. If we get an alert, we immediately know what to do and how to fix the issue. Days of spammed inboxes are a thing of the past!

What were your biggest objections when looking at Dynatrace?

We of course wanted to make sure Dynatrace walks the talk. The free trial came in handy and the quick setup made sure we do not waste too much time. The team behind Dynatrace was very responsive and really took their time to make us aware of specific aspects concerning our use cases. Our major concerns were overhead and resource consumption of the monitoring agents on our heavily loaded servers. We quickly figured out that the agent technology is extremely slick and didn’t have any impact on our performance. We had a minor issue with the recognition of our specific Apache CXF services that was addressed very quickly by the Dynatrace team.

Why did you choose Dynatrace ultimately? (What is the greatest value you get out of Dynatrace?)

Dynatrace’s capability of automatically monitoring our full stack including our VMware virtualization with less than 30 minutes of total setup time on our whole production environment really impressed us. All we had to do was install that one single agent and seconds later we had a perfect picture of our entire system. Not needing to configure alerts, thresholds and dashboards was a huge benefit. Especially Dynatrace anomaly detection and AI that correlates all events helped us to make sure no one was flooded with alerts but notified about real issues. That ensures everyone in the team really pays attention to these alerts since the root-cause analysis comes with it as well!

Would you recommend Dynatrace to others and why?

I definitely recommend Dynatrace to people that are in charge of critical applications that need a comprehensive monitoring but are tired of constantly putting together a puzzle of monitoring data, and also engineers that do not want a solution that takes a separate project and consultants to implement.

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