"Working with Dynatrace on the .NET beta has helped us understand our own monitoring needs for our service. Being in a beta phase ourselves having a single dashboard where we can see infrastructure and application related problems is great. The synthetic feature is definitely a winner moving in the right direction."

Srinivas Suravarapu


What type of application are you monitoring?

Scribestar runs and develops a revolutionary on-line editing and review tool that will create a new category of corporate software within legal technology. The Company has partnered with a number of leading UK and US law firms to create a cloud based application that will greatly reduce the time lawyers spend on administration. By moving the document workflow process into the cloud, lawyers can benefit from a new intelligent delivery system with previously unavailable features that will help drive a more productive and cost effective process.

What did you use before you discovered Dynatrace?

We started using Dynatrace when we planned the Early Access Period of our platform as we saw the need for a specialized DevOps tool to assure the availability and quality of our service. Before that we used mainly tools that focus on needs of developers.

Why did you choose to try Dynatrace?

In the weeks before starting with our public beta we saw the need for a professional tool to monitor our production environment. So we started to evaluate several tools – but very soon it turn out that Dynatrace fits best to our needs.

What were your biggest objections when looking at Dynatrace?

Our biggest objection when we started using Dynatrace was that it did not offer deep .NET monitoring at this time. As we have been part of the .NET Early Access Program from the beginning on, now everything works like charm now.

Why did you choose Dynatrace ultimately?

Dynatrace offer us Full-Stack monitoring that covers all aspects of our systems out of the box. So we can focus on developing our platform and do not lose time to setup a monitoring tool. Additionally, Dynatrace offers us the possibility to integrate and run synthetic monitoring from several locations. So we can assure that our SLAs are covered.

Would you recommend Dynatrace to others?

Surely – especially if someone needs fast a reliable monitoring of his production environment.

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