"Dynatrace’s ease of deployment and its auto-detection capabilities that reduce installation effort to near zero really impressed us. We got meaningful alerts right away."

Andreu Belmonte

What type of application are you monitoring?

Ofertia runs a rich e-commerce application with hosts all over the world that serve our desktop and mobile users. Having hosts distributed across multiple AWS datacenters around the world adds quite a bit of complexity to our environment landscape.

What were you using before Dynatrace?

Before Dynatrace we tried different tools on the market to cover the complexity of our environment. We had to combine and analyze data from several different tools to get the information we needed. This process was not only slowing us down, it often led to guessing instead of knowing.

What made you decide to try Dynatrace?

At this point, with our business in emerging markets growing quickly, the need for a reliable, integrated full stack monitoring solution is undeniable if we are to deliver the quality of service that our customers have come to expect. One of our main requirements was that the tool had to be easy to deploy, easy to use, and highly scalable to match our fast growth. It took us only a couple of minutes during our free trial to set up Dynatrace on all our different points of presence, and it delivered insights right away. The deep insights into Java processes and hosted Java web services--including the smart on-demand response time analysis--is a highly valuable shortcut for us to understand how Ofertia is performing out in the real world. Dynatrace's unique approach puts information in context and provides the full picture, not just single data points. This is absolutely essential for us.

What were your biggest concerns when evaluating Dynatrace?

After the free trial and the quick setup in our environment we were absolutely sure that we wouldn't waste time and resources setting up Dynatrace. Our major concern was the scalability and performance when using it in production. Our environment is complex and fast growing so we had to choose a scalable solution. The team behind Dynatrace was very responsive and really took their time to make us aware of specific issues in our use cases. We quickly figured out that Dynatrace was the way to go.

What is the greatest value you get from Dynatrace?

Dynatrace ease of deployment and auto-detection capabilities reduce the installation effort to almost zero. This really impressed us. We think the single agent concept is also really the future since web applications become more complex and diverse every day with emerging technologies and new cloud deployments. Also the lack of manually-configured thresholds really saves a lot of time and work by eliminating the initial configuration hassle. The baselining does an amazing job, as well as integrated anomaly detection. You get meaningful alerts right away. Dynatrace root-cause analysis on top of the other features sealed the deal for us. Having your APM tool tell us what actually went wrong and separating symptoms from root causes is a giant leap forwards for DevOps in general.

Would you recommend Dynatrace to others?

I definitely recommend Dynatrace for any serious business that needs deep insights into their application without hiring a monitoring expert to set up and configure a set of complex monitoring tools. If you want code-level insights and not another tool that your team has to learn and maintain, the obvious choice is Dynatrace.

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