Lucky Vitamin

"It was definitely worth it to us to invest in what we consider to be the best solution out there. Dynatrace gave us the highest degree of confidence."

Rich Zapf, Senior Director of E-Commerce, Lucky Vitamin

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Lucky Vitamin is an online natural health store, based in Philadelphia. The company sells more than 30,000 items including organic, all-natural vitamins, supplements, herbs, health foods and personal care products through its website—seven days a week; 24 hours a day. Most orders are shipped the same day they’re placed.

"Because we’re exclusively an e-commerce business, IT is involved in everything we do. We don’t have a printed catalogue or storefront," says Rich Zapf, Senior Director of E-Commerce. Lucky Vitamin has a number of critical applications that support its website, order management and data entry. All of these applications must work smoothly all the time to keep business running.

"If the site goes down we are essentially closed for business," explains Zapf. " We need visibility into our site performance 24/7. We can’t tolerate downtime."

"If the site goes down we are essentially closed for business."


Zapf continues: "Both our biggest challenges and opportunities came with the launch of our redesigned website in September of 2014. As we rolled out many new features and experiences to the website, we had to be sure that our site continued to perform. "On Cyber Monday 2013 our site strained under the heavy load of traffic," explains Steve Cone, Infrastructure Manager. After that, the team at Lucky Vitamin began to search for a way that they could monitor and find issues before they became problems for customers.

"We were looking for expertise. We were looking for a full-service, end-to-end solution," says Zapf. "We wanted to have confidence that once we launched our new site, it would have the maximum potential. Our end-user experience is what makes us successful." The company selected Dynatrace.

"We were looking for expertise. We were looking for a full-service, end-to-end solution."

Why Dynatrace?

"What really set Dynatrace apart was the detail with which it shows web server calls," says Zapf. "This saved us a lot of time because developers could see in detail where most of our issues began. Waterfall charts gave us granular detail of processes that may be taking too long. It helped us focus."

"We had real data and the evidence needed to resolve the issue."


Dynatrace now provides end-user performance analytics together with early warning and detailed surveillance capabilities so that Lucky Vitamin’s stellar service never fails. "Cyber Monday 2014 went incredibly smooth for us. The new site performed beautifully, just as the load test had predicted."

"Dynatrace also helps us communicate much more effectively with our third-party vendors, which is critically important to us," explains Zapf. "We use third-party vendors for site search, product recommendations, retargeting, tag management, social media services and more. We have to monitor all of these third parties all the time to make sure they’re delivering top performance."

"Dynatrace recently brought one vendor to our attention. Their service was taking too long to respond and slowing down our customer experience," he continues. "Now we’re working with this vendor to improve. We had real data and the evidence needed to resolve the issue."

"We have a very ambitious roadmap of adding new features including a new auto-ship program, improved search functionality and many other features," says Zapf. "Dynatrace gives us the ability to catch any problems before they happen as we continue to improve our site."

Cone adds, "We can now see precisely how much activity our new site could handle before going live, so that performance issues from high volume traffic will not happen again. For us, Dynatrace is a trusted partner for success."