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“Data from other tools didn't help us. Dynatrace helps us to better serve our users.”

Stephan Brunhuber

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CHIP Online ( is Germany's #1 website for computers, mobile devices, and home entertainment. The portal for downloads and buyer guidance hosts independent tests, current news. Its platform for online communities is among Germany's most widely use. According to AGOF Internet facts 2014-07, CHIP Online reaches 13.06 million unique users each month, making it one of the top 10 most popular websites.

What were you using before you discovered Dynatrace?

We started with Nagios and similar tools. The problems with both solutions were the same: Adding new hosts and adjusting monitoring as well as defining proper thresholds for alerts was always an issue. Wrong thresholds in too many cases led to alert spamming. As if this wasn't bad enough, the alerts resulted in our missing some really important problems.

What made you decide to try Dynatrace?

We have a highly heterogeneous, homegrown application architecture that spans multiple datacenters. Honestly, to keep an overview of such a continuously evolving system was close to impossible. To understand the dependencies of which system was communicating with which other system was more than a challenge, it was a huge problem.

What were your biggest objections when looking at Dynatrace?

Our main concern was whether Dynatrace could really address all of our requirements. We were worried that eventually we’d have a situation where we get most of what we needed, but still had to use other tools to get everything we needed. This is what happened in the past with other tools. Our other initial concern was that we have our data in the Cloud and the related security implications that that involves.

Why did you ultimately select Dynatrace?

Consolidation and migration is a key part of our daily work. Understanding the dependencies of our application is a pre-requisite for us. Dynatrace is the only solution that can provide this. Equally important is that Dynatrace detects all vital information out-of-the-box and eliminates the work of maintaining monitoring when infrastructure and application changes occur. Last but not least, Dynatrace lets us see how our whole business flows through our system end-to-end. As we've learned in the past, without this ability, the analysis of production problems can be long and error-prone. The visual resolution path shows all this information in a single view.

What about your concerns using a SaaS solution?

We are confident in the data security that Dynatrace provides. The bottom line is that there are many advantages to using a cloud solution. We don't have to worry about scalability or performance. There is also no maintenance or administration effort on our side, so we can focus on working with the information that Dynatrace provides rather than maintaining yet another system.

What would you recommend to others?

As I mentioned, we were intially skeptical, too. Just deploy Dynatrace in your environment and enjoy the “Aha” experience you'll get while exploring everything it can do.

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