"Dynatrace’s solution has brought us new customers and has also provided our organization with the ability to extend contracts with existing clients."

Ole Petersen,
Operation Analyst at Bluegarden

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Company: Bluegarden
Industry: Business Services


With more than 600 skilled employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, The Bluegarden Group provides advanced comprehensive solutions for managing payment and Human Resources (HR). Every month, more than 1.5 million Scandinavians are paid via Bluegarden’s business administration systems.

In 2005, Bluegarden decided to outsource its IT administration so that the company could focus on its core activities.


While outsourcing helped Bluegarden to reduce its IT overhead, managing many different service providers introduced some complications. The organization no longer had complete insight into the service levels its providers were delivering to clients. In order to gain visibility into its service providers and to make sure that they all delivered the same high standard, Bluegarden turned to Dynatrace.

"We are good at delivering new functions for our clients, but needed to gain better insight in order to make sure that our clients stay ahead of their game and that they understand their users," says Ole Petersen, Operation Analyst at Bluegarden.


Dynatrace provides Bluegarden with valuable real-time monitoring of all service providers. The organization now has access to a status overview of both application and network performance, with quick drill down views into performance, availability, operation time, and usage for individual applications and users. Issues can be discovered and fixed before they degrade the end-user experience. Bluegarden receives deep insight into the performance of its service providers so problems can easily be addressed.


With Dynatrace, Bluegarden has full insight in its service providers’ transactions and applications. This means that Bluegarden can ensure that all of its service providers are offering Bluegarden’s clients the same high quality service and solutions.

Bluegarden’s decision to outsource its IT administration to service providers allows the company can focus 100 percent on what it does best, business administration.

While service providers can spend a lot of time fixing problems that occur, Bluegarden and its clients don’t have time to wait for issues to be resolved. When it comes to transactions, time equals money. It’s essential to the company that it is notified of a problem with the information needed to fix it immediately. Dynatrace has made Bluegarden more proactive in finding and addressing problems before the service provider, saving both time and money.

"We were looking for the best application performance management solution that would meet both our and our clients’ needs. We chose Dynatrace because it was the best solution for us, but also because Dynatrace is a leader in APM and offers the most integrated APM solution. The Dynatrace team helped us gain a lot of insight and knowledge about our service providers and what they are offering," says Ole Petersen.