Axel Springer Ideas Engineering GmbH

"Dynatrace is the best tool for monitoring our fully Dockerized application stack. Out-of-the-box it offered deep insights into our hosts, Docker containers, and the services that they provide. Through its integrated real user monitoring capabilities, Dynatrace gives us visibility into application health from the client side."

Premium Content Platform Team

Axel Springer Ideas Engineering

What type of application are you monitoring?

We use Dynatrace to monitor the premium content of our sites. There, a fast and errorless content delivery is key. The Java based application runs on a completely dockerized stack. Besides the fluent delivery of our application, we need to be sure that our very distributed system components and connections to our SAP system and 3rd party APIs work as expected.

What did you use before you discovered Dynatrace?

Before using Dynatrace we mainly built our own tools for monitoring to ensure everything runs perfect. Now, as we use Dynatrace, we can invest this time to concentrate on our key values.

Why did you choose to try Dynatrace?

We saw an impressing demo of Dynatrace at a fair in Germany. As we have been curious how Dynatrace would work in our environment, we took the advantage of starting a free trial. Very simple to install and we were able to do deep analysis immediately. After Dynatrace showed its capabilities in our staging environment we moved fast to our prod environment.

What were your biggest objections when looking at Dynatrace?

We have been skeptical if Dynatrace really can provide so much information out of the box in our complex environment – but Dynatrace really impressed us here even to its fast product support and adopting the product to our needs.

Why did you choose Dynatrace ultimately?

Dynatrace did not only provides us with infrastructure and service monitoring; it also integrates real user monitoring and complex synthetic monitoring. This all-round package finally convinced us.

Would you recommend Dynatrace to others?

Definitely – we can recommend Dynatrace to everyone who needs insights into his complete stack. It need hardly any effort in rolling it out and offers great insights out of the box.

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