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Nothing shows off the value of Dynatrace better than a happy customer. Our customers love Dynatrace for many different reasons.

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Nordstrom stock

Nordstrom now sees how performance impacts business

Read the story about how Nordstrom has leveraged application performance management to realize more reliable testing, more responsive production, and more meaningful business insights.


Pandora stock

Pandora leverages APM to get IT, business owners, and 3d-party vendors all on the same page

“At Pandora we’re all about the user experience,” says their Ad Ops Technical Lead, Michelle Mangum. Hear her explain how Dynatrace digital performance management has helped them.


Travis Perkins

“Dynatrace has allowed us to completely revaluate how we work; it’s one of the few tools that enables us to truly grasp the factors that impact on the customer experience.”

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Travis Perkins


“Dynatrace gives you the full picture of why your apps crashed and how to prevent it from happening again. It has also told us exactly how we’re using our environment, so we know what resources to move to the cloud for greater productivity and efficiency. You get instant value from Dynatrace.”

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McGraw Hill Education

“I’ve used the competition… it can’t do what Dynatrace can do.”

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McGraw Hill Education


“Verizon saw vast improvement across its product lifecycle. The speed and quality of its deployments has increased greatly and its time to revenue realization has been reduced. Rather than deploying every month, Verizon now deploys every two weeks.”

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Verizon logo


“Mean-time-to-recovery has gone down significantly since switching to Dynatrace.”

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SailPoint logo


“Dynatrace has helped bridge the gap between higher management and engineers mainly by giving visibility to transactions.”

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“It was the teamwork between the development team, operations, and the vendor, something difficult to do without Dynatrace in place.”

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“Once we implemented Dynatrace the infrastructure spend noticeably dropped.”

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“The insight that we had and data that Dynatrace Guardian was able to bring across told us the story that kept us on track.”

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Westfield Insurance

“Dynatrace improved our response time to rate policies four times over.”

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westfield insurance


“We are committed to an ongoing development and improvement of processes across the whole development environment. Dynatrace is likeminded in the quest for excellence.”

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Lucky Vitamin

“It was definitely worth it to us to invest in what we consider to be the best solution out there. Dynatrace gave us the highest degree of confidence.”

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westfield insurance

Safeguard Properties

“After an acquisition in 2012, we doubled our daily transactions. Without Dynatrace, this dramatic increase would have had unknown effects on our application.”

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safeguard properties


“Measures around user experience management have senior management labeling Dynatrace a game changer.”

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MTV Media

“Dynatrace exceeded our expectations by working really well even when the capacity was overloaded, without slowing down the production system.”

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mtv media

Thomas Cook

“With Dynatrace PurePath Technology® we can trace transactions and quickly identify where performance issues are occurring.”

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thomas cook


“Dynatrace’s solution has brought us new customers and has also provided our organization with the ability to extend contracts with existing clients.”

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thomas cook

NSW Rural Fire Service

“Dynatrace’s unique ability to test from the last mile perspective provides a critical view for our organization.”

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NSW Rural Fire Service

Woodmen of the World

“Now, none of us have to waste time going through logs to remediate issues. We just look at the dashboard, drill down and get the answer.”

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Woodmen of the World


“Having reassessed the market, we quickly realized that Dynatrace was the only provider able to offer the level of visibility that we needed.”

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“We’ve been able to speed up application response times by as much as 92% with the help of Dynatrace insights.”

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Axel Springer Ideas

“Dynatrace is the best tool for monitoring our fully Dockerized application stack. Out-of-the-box it offered deep insights into our hosts, Docker containers, and the services that they provide. Through its integrated real user monitoring capabilities, Dynatrace gives us visibility into application health from the client side.”

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Axel Springer Ideas


“With Dynatrace my team has a way to scale all of the services and resources that we need to ensure a positive customer experience.”

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barbri logo

“Ensuring that everything was running as expected used to require looking at data from multiple tools. Now I only need to check the Dynatrace mobile app.”

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“Dynatrace’s ease of deployment and its auto-detection capabilities that reduce installation effort to near zero really impressed us. We got meaningful alerts right away.”

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“When performance isn’t where it needs to be, our DevOps engineers can view the full picture in a single tool. We get to the root cause much quicker and only involve the team members who are needed to implement fixes.”

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“Working with Dynatrace on the .NET beta has helped us understand our own monitoring needs for our service. Being in a beta phase ourselves having a single dashboard where we can see infrastructure and application related problems is great. The synthetic feature is definitely a winner moving in the right direction.”

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Sofico N.V.

“We’re intrigued by its capability to work almost out of the box as well as being able to monitor system aspects as well as application performance and user experience.”

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“If we get an alert, we immediately know what to do and how to fix the issue. Days of spammed inboxes are a thing of the past!”

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“Dynatrace was the solution that was providing most value for our daily business instantly without a setup or configuration hassle. It helps us to get to the root cause of an issue much faster than before.”

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“After deploying a new release, we spent over 30 hours trying to find a performance problem. Once we found the issue, it only took us 30 minutes to fix it. With Dynatrace, finding a similar problem would only take us minutes to identify, saving us precious time and resources.”

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“The Dynatrace dashboard sets new standards in terms of clarity. It is obviously designed to help identify problems rather than overwhelm us with metrics.”

Usersnap logo

“Dynatrace became a key part of our Continuous Delivery pipeline. Automatic detection of deployments and their impact helps us proactively address potential problems.”

pagu logo

British American Tobacco

Dynatrace log analytics is simply awesome—what a great feature! I was only thinking not so long before that I could really do with some good log analysis tools, now I don’t need one.”

British American Tobacco logo

Blue value

“Success is not just about the idea but how you deliver it to the market. Dynatrace helps the companies in our portfolio to deliver services at an excellent technical quality and speed.”

blue value logo


“Dynatrace is the easiest and most affordable way to get real-time insights in our running services.”

uninett logo


“Enterprise-class monitoring for small- and midsized businesses, setup in less than 10 minutes.”

qmethods logo

Digital Rock

“Dynatrace is a user-­friendly and intelligent monitoring tool that provides full visibility into our entire stack without giving too much data. A lot of other monitoring tools are great, but they are too noisy. As a small start­up, we don’t have time for noise. Dynatrace tells us the problem and points to the root cause fast.”

Digital Rock studios logo


“Since changing over from New Relic, we have been able to take a more proactive approach to our decision making—and being less reactive takes the guesswork out of fixing issues. Dynatrace’s easy access to customizable dashboards show me what’s going on with our sites immediately.”

norwall logo


“Our existing monitoring solution was a good product when we started out, but as their business model changed it was no longer practical for us. Dynatrace offers a more scalable and flexible business model and with a high degree of attention to customer’s experience and success. We look forward to using Dynatrace to monitor our stack, and seeing the performance data represented in more useful ways.”

myclin logo


“We wanted a tool that could monitor our infrastructure, application, and real user experience—and provide deep dives, too. Not only is Dynatrace easy to use with its simple user interface, it was painless to install and begin monitoring our environment. We’re excited for what’s ahead on the Dynatrace roadmap!”

dspx logo

Corporate value metrics

“I really like the support I’ve received from Dynatrace on several occasions—responsive, honest, accurate.”

corporate value metrics logo


“Dynatrace shows the status of our infrastructure in one great dashboard. The personalization features add a lot of value for us and the quick update process makes working with Dynatrace really easy.”

tripdelta logo


“In the past we partnered with other monitoring vendors. Dynatrace is special in that it not only is very easy to do joint business and drive additional revenue but also made us part of their ecosystem connecting us with their user base.”

fcamara logo


“It’s clean, it’s easy to use and it delivers perfect insights for optimizing the workflow experience of our clients. Great tool (not only for .NET environments) and definitely a recommendation!”

prologics logo


“Magically simple to install. Timely and actionable insights. Proactive support and responsive development team. Competitively priced. A perfect solution for startups to offload ops duties.”

healtho logo


“I was thrilled by Dynatrace supporting AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Docker.”

sweazer logo


“Dynatrace is clever enough to understand what a problem is about and will only notify us if a problem is critical enough.” logo


“Dynatrace is simple to install and provides great visibility into our infrastructure. It helps us improve our end users’ experience.”

betterpath logo


“Dynatrace has helped Mixvisor track down errors and gain insights on our architecture that we wouldn’t of normally been able to spot. The alerts and real user monitoring are essential tools to help us deliver music to our customers.”

mixvisor logo


“The big win for our team with Dynatrace is the ability to spot problems quickly within a time period and drill down to specific information about the error and the users’ browser and OS setups without having to ask our users (who are often not technical people) to dig into the arcana of the browser console or remember what steps they took when they encountered the issue. Dynatrace makes it easy to spot patterns in user issues so we can focus on fixing recurring problems quickly.”

evotext logo


“We are successfully partnering with Dynatrace in many countries across Latin and Central America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. We are all moving to Liquid Data Centers whether we realize it or not (OpenStack, Docker any one?) and our customers like Dynatrace as it’s easy to use and can provide you with visibility across your full-stack. Dynatrace is definitely leading into a new standard for monitoring.”

performen logo

Social Station

“Dynatrace is painless to setup; within hours Dynatrace already discovered potential problems that could impact our customers. More importantly, Dynatrace shows us the exact source of our issues, saving us countless hours of devops time.”

social station


“Dynatrace enables us to scale monitoring the same way we scale our dynamic Mesos cluster on Amazon EC2. Dynatrace automatically detects new Docker containers and EC2 instances with no additional configuration. This makes Dynatrace a perfect fit for our needs.”

hugo logo


“Dynatrace automatically discovered and monitored all our .NET services, saving our team lots of setup time. This combined with the ease of synthetic monitoring, convinced us that we’d found the tool that meets all our monitoring needs.”



“We want to have the right tool. Instead of using separate tools for web monitoring, application performance management, and server monitoring, we now have a single all-in-one solution.”


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