Interactive map visualizes dynamic relationships among all application components across every tier

See how everything works together—automatically

Think of Smartscape as Google Maps for your application topology. As the Dynatrace OneAgent discovers all the components and dependencies in your application environment, our patented Smartscape technology simultaneously builds an interactive map of how everything is inter-connected.

See Smartscape for yourself—in under 90 seconds!

Understand dependencies across and between tiers

Smartscape maps dependencies both horizontally (between components of the same type: process to process, service to service, host to host) and vertically (between components of different types: data centers to hosts, hosts to processes, processes to services, services to application).

See which web page calls which web server, which app server receives the web request, which services are then called, etc.

Get a real-time roadmap of your entire application stack, end to end: from your customers' web browsers to your applications, down to containers, infrastructure, and cloud. Smartscape maps out all components and shows you their dependencies in both a vertical (infrastructure) and horizontal (application architecture) view.

Smartscape 5-layer visibility

See all topological dependencies

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“After deploying a new release, we spent over 30 hours trying to find a performance problem. Once we found the issue, it only took us 30 minutes to fix it. With Dynatrace, finding a similar problem would only take us minutes to identify.”

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Keep track of your topology as it constantly changes

Smartscape visualizations are always accurate, always up-to-date—because they’re drawn from actual data in real time. Whatever you environment looks like at any given moment is reflected in the Smartscape model.

Dynatrace was built with the world’s largest applications in mind and scales to any size. Dynatrace auto-detects dependencies on the fly in highly dynamic environments.

Drill down into details

Click on any component—application, service, process, host—to get a deep-dive infographic with all the relevant details for that particular component. Get all availability and performance metrics, user experience insights, dependency details, links to log files, and more in one place.

Click on any component to get context-specific details. Only Dynatrace shows you process-specific network metrics.


“Verizon saw vast improvement across its product lifecycle. The speed and quality of its deployments has increased greatly and its time to revenue realization has been reduced. Rather than deploying every month, Verizon now deploys every two weeks.”

- Anil Chintalapudi, Senior Technical Manager

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“With Dynatrace, we have shortened the time to identify and solve performance problems by 60%.”


“With Dynatrace my team has a way to scale all of the services and resources that we need to ensure a positive customer experience.”

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Search your full stack instantaneously

It doesn’t help much to know everything about an environment if you can’t find anything. Advanced filtering capabilities enable you to zero in on any particular type of entity or technology—say, all your Docker containers or your OpenShift deployments.

Filter your Smartscape visualizations to zero in on specific components or technologies.

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