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How to ensure your customers’ data privacy during monitoring

The personal and professional lives of your customers and other consumers around the world increasingly take place online in the digital realm. It’s therefore not a surprise that data privacy is now such an urgent topic of concern. Countries around the globe have adopted various regulations to ensure the protection of their citizens’ personal information, and more regulation is certainly on the way. Your responsibilities for ensuring data privacy As a… read more

Management of your entities just went from cool to awesome!

Organizing large monitoring environments is never easy. Dynatrace deals with this challenge particularly well because it understands the different components in your environment. It knows about your services, your deployed containers, CloudFoundry and OpenShift applications, your web servers, and your physical and virtual hosts. To effectively manage all these entities, Dynatrace relies on tagging. This includes both manual and automatically applied tags. Over the last year, we’ve extended Dynatrace… read more

Use Dynatrace API to automate fetch of raw process information

Once you install Dynatrace OneAgent on a host, you immediately gain full stack and code level visibility into each running process in your environment. This information is used to update Smartscape view in real-time and to provide input for our AI-driven problem root-cause analysis algorithms. Over the past year, our customers have told us that full visibility into each individual process provides other advantages, as well. REST API With this… read more

Service flow now includes problem indicators & throughput analysis

We recently announced that Service flow now shows infrastructure and load balancer details. Building upon this major enhancement to Dynatrace service monitoring, we’ve now added health information and a throughput-analysis mode to Service flow view. As you can see in the example below, Service flow now shows health indicators when a service or its underlying infrastructure encounter a problem (note the tiles outlined in red). By clicking on the answer_queue on… read more