Automate push of 3rd-party events into Dynatrace problem analysis

Dynatrace monitoring is now an integral component of many DevOps teams’ tool chains. No matter if you’re triggering a load test or pushing a new deployment into production, Dynatrace offers the right APIs for ensuring the stability and high performance of your applications. While Dynatrace OneAgent does a great job of deeply monitoring your technology stack, there are certain situations where only 3rd-party systems can provide required contextual information about external events. read more

Dynatrace API enables pull of real-time data

Ruxit collects and evaluates a tremendous amount of data related to your monitored environment. The data include many important metrics that span all the way across datacenters and all the way down to individual service- and application methods. The new Ruxit API enables your developers to pull real-time data directly from Ruxit. Although we strive to offer the right metric chart for every case case you might encounter, and allow you to build customized dashboards, you may still face a requirement to integrate… read more

Behind the Scenes of Serialization in Java

When building distributed applications one of the central performance-critical components is serialization. Most modern frameworks make it very easy to send data over the wire. In many cases you don’t see at all what is going on behind the scenes. Choosing the right serialization strategy however is central for achieving good performance and scalability. Serialization problems affect CPU, memory, network load and response times. Java provides us with a large… read more

Tracing Intermittent Errors – Guest blog by Lucy Monahan from Novell

Lucy Monahan is a Principal Performance QA Engineer at Novell, and helps to manage their distributed Agile process. Intermittent problems can be difficult to solve: the value may be corrupted potentially at any time before the value is used the transaction may involve multiple enterprise servers using remote calls and the root cause could be on any server to identify the point of corruption, one may need to monitor return… read more

Performance Considerations in Distributed Applications

Distribution and communication between applications and services is a central concept in modern application architectures. In order to profit from distribution you have to keep some basic principles in mind – otherwise you can easily run into performance and scalability problems. During development these problems often do not surface.  Then suddenly in load testing or production you might then realize that your chosen software architecture does not support the required… read more

Lessons learned from getting .NET to REST with Java

On a recent project I had to call Java REST services from a .NET Client. Several problems came up – ranging from authentication to hidden performance issues. I want to share my lessons learned and encourage you to share your own opinions and experiences on this topic. The Context: REST to automate analysis processes in Continuous Integration Let’s start by giving you some context on my… read more