performance improvement

Improving Message Queue Throughput tenfold by choosing the right XML Parser

Does your application architecture include Message Queues to feed work items to backend batch processing such as “Update Product Inventory” or “Send out Notification Emails”? Message Queues work well in these use cases as they decouple your system components and allow your backend processing to asynchronously process requests. This decoupling allows the queue to grow under heavy load allowing the background job to catch up when there is less load… read more

Performance Improvement is not Performance Optimization

Performance improvement is the art and science of making online applications faster, while performance optimization is the art and science of making online applications efficient. While these two concepts are very closely related, using the homepage of a high-end specialty retailer, this article will show how a focused performance optimization effort can Shrink page size by nearly 40% Reduce CSS and JavaScript files by more than 75% Decrease Hosts and… read more