Real user monitoring: Support for Fetch API is now available

During the dawn of the web 2.0 era, back when web sites first began to evolve into the dynamic web applications that we know today, asynchronous web requests were sent via the XMLHttpRequest (XHR) API (commonly known as Ajax). Within the past two years, a new API type called Fetch API was introduced into all modern browsers to support such asynchronous requests. Beginning with… read more

Dynatrace now supports AngularJS 2!

Dynatrace now supports monitoring for AngularJS 2 applications. As the Angular team changed how bundling and initialization are done in AngularJS 2, we’ve responded with a modification to the Dynatrace AngularJS 2 initialization file that enables RUM user action detection in AngularJS 2 applications. This code change is not required for AngularJS 1 applications. Have a look at your application’s XHR (Ajax) detection settings to get all the details related to… read more

Top Web Performance Hotspots for #BlessedRamadan eCommerce

Over the past few years the majority of the WPO (Web Performance Optimization) experts I know have focused their attention almost exclusively on the US & European markets – so have we. However this year we’ve been asked to look further east and see how our friends that build and run large ecommerce websites in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt or United Arabic Emirates are doing in… read more

5 Can’t Miss Web Performance Optimization Basics

At this year’s STPCon I offered a Performance Clinic for attendees that came to the conference early. As part of this, we did 2 live performance diagnostic sessions: one on a pretty cool 3D visualization app based on Java and JavaScript, another one on a live eCommerce website. On the eCommerce landing page we found the usual performance suspects which were not surprising to me or for the two… read more

Dynatrace AJAX Edition 4.5 is here! Closing the Last Chapter, but the Story Continues

Update April 2017: Dynatrace AJAX Edition has been a great success story over the years but we had to move on and focus our development efforts in other areas. If you want to know where our journey is heading and how we can help you check out Dynatrace AJAX edition Over the last couple of years the Dynatrace engineering team out of Linz, Austria continually updated one of the… read more

Is the FIFA World Cup Website Ready for the Tournament?

Sparked by the FIFA Mobile App Crash Analysis Klaus did, I wondered if soccer fans using their mobile or desktop browsers will have a better user experience to follow their favorite teams through the tournament. Back in 2010 I did one of my first Web Performance Analysis blogs on FIFA’s website using the dynaTrace Ajax Edition. Looking at the Page Load Time for the desktop version, we… read more

How to Performance Test Automation for GWT and SmartGWT

This blog is based on the experience of Jan Swaelens, Software Architect at Sofico. He is responsible for automatic performance testing of the company’s new web platform based on GWT and SmartGWT. Sofico is specialized in software solutions for automotive finance, leasing, fleet and mobility management companies. Choosing GWT and SmartGWT over other technologies About 2 years ago Sofico started a project to replace its rich desktop application (built… read more

Diagnosing Obamacare Website: Healthcare.gov still lacks basic optimizations before it can mature

Since we did our first deep dive session on healthcare.gov we wondered if anything had changed that now makes it easier for US citizens to shop for new health insurance plans. We know from personal experiences that problems are not yet resolved. The website even went down last week again which probably led to more war rooms that could have been avoided. In the first analysis blog we… read more

Advanced Performance Analysis with latest Dynatrace AJAX Edition 4.2 at SenchaCon 2013

Just in time for our speaking session at SenchaCon 2013 we are happy to announce the latest version of Dynatrace AJAX Edition. Version 4.2 now supports the latest versions of Firefox (FF 21 & FF 22). Download the latest version from our AJAX Edition website. SenchaCon 2013 Session Preview If you happen to be at SenchaCon 2013 then consider checking out our session. I will show you… read more

dynaTrace AJAX Edition 4.1 now supports FF19, FF20 and IE10 on Windows 7

We are happy to announce the availability of Compuware AJAX Edition 4.1. This version adds support for Firefox 19 and Firefox 20 as well as support for IE10 on Windows 7. The team also fixed some smaller stability issues users reported with Firefox. You can also check out the Release Notes for a more detailed description of the enhancements. 3 Steps to get started with dynaTrace AJAX… read more