Wolfgang Gottesheim

Wolfgang Gottesheim has nearly ten years of experience as a software engineer for Java Enterprise environments. In his role as Technology Strategist he is involved in the strategic development of Dynatrace. His focal points are Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Twitter: @gottesheim

Wolfgang Gottesheim's articles

Automated Performance Analysis for Web API Tests

A modern web application is typically not restricted to be used via a web frontend. It also provides functionality that is used elsewhere like mobile apps. Think about an e-commerce site today: a shop does not get its business exclusively from sales on its web shop, but also through mobile apps, and through rich-client applications used to process orders in a call center. In addition, it can also expose certain… read more

Live from OOP2014

I’m currently at OOP2014 in Munich where, aside from giving a talk called “Lifecycle by Design” (slides are on Slideshare), I also had the chance to have some great conversations at our booth and attend a couple of sessions. My personal highlight so far was yesterday’s hilarious session by Kevlin Henney called “Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers”. He opined for paying attention to visual design… read more

Upcoming Talks on DevOps, Lifecycle, Mobile and Web Topics

Our team will be talking at a number of conferences and user group meetings over the course of the next weeks. We invite you to join our sessions or stop by the booth for a quick chat if you’re around – we are always eager to hear your feedback and stories! We will attend the following events: OOP 2014 February 4 @ 14:00: Lifecycle by Design – Enabling Collaboration across… read more

Discussing DevOps and Lifecycle Approaches at Upcoming conferences

We are happy to have the opportunity to talk at several upcoming conferences and user group meetings, and would like to invite you to join our sessions, meets us at the booth, or have a chat in the hallway – we are always eager to hear your feedback and stories about APM in general, DevOps, User Experience Management… In the next days & weeks, we will be at… read more

Continuous Performance Validation in Continuous Integration Environments

Each year, the holiday shopping season brings a surge in awareness for website performance and scalability issues. While these items should obviously take an important spot on your roadmap during the whole year, the interesting question is why familiar performance problems keep impacting customer-facing web sites over and over again. After all, we’re all well aware of the most frequent problem patterns that you might face, ranging from… read more

The DevOps Way to Solving JVM Memory Issues

The killer in any IT operations is unplanned work. Unplanned work may go by many names; firefighting, war rooms, Sev 1 incidents. The bottom line is that Operations must stop whatever planned work it was doing to manage this drill. This means little or no normal work is being accomplished. It is a scenario most of you will be familiar with: Your application servers are humming along happily until suddenly,… read more

APM as a Service: 4 Steps to Monitor Real User Experience in Production

With our new service platform and the convergence of dynaTrace PurePath Technology with the Gomez Performance Network, we are proud to offer an APMaaS solution that sets a higher bar for complete user experience management, with end-to-end monitoring technologies that include real-user, synthetic, third-party service monitoring, and business impact analysis. To showcase the capabilities we used the free trial on our own about:performance blog as a… read more

Analyzing Performance at a local Coding Contest

Catalysts, a local IT consulting company, is regularly organizing the Catalysts Coding Contest, and we were happy to sponsor the most recent one that took place in Hagenberg, Austria on December 14, 2012. In this contest, participants get seven assignments to be completed in a programming language of their choice, and upload their solution to a CatCoder server where they are evaluated against test data sets. We used… read more

3 Steps to Diagnose Stuck Transactions in Minutes

Does the following situation sound familiar? From one minute to the other, your production servers grind to a halt, terse emails are complemented by equally hectic phone calls, and the first order of business is to get back up and running. After the dust settles, you’re usually left with a pile of log files and the assignment of figuring out what happened, why it happened, and what to do to… read more