Torsten Volk

Torsten Volk is a Managing Research Director for Hybrid Cloud, Containers, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). His practice at EMA explores the impact of emerging technologies on today’s critical enterprise IT pain points. Before joining EMA, Torsten led business units in services and enterprise software, with customers such as Daimler, the World Bank Group, T-Systems, and Lufthansa.

Torsten Volk's articles

Monitoring for digital attackers: Closing the divide between biz, dev and ops for accelerated digital transformation

I like the term “digital attacker” because it conveys the exact goal and endpoint of digital transformation: turning IT into the enabling source for sustainable, competitive advantages.  An old mentor of mine described it well by saying, “I feel like I’m constantly being chased by a big boulder–the competition–and IT enables us to run faster to stay ahead of that boulder instead of getting crushed by it.”  In… read more