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NPM and APM Convergence

The single most important challenge faced by IT and operations is to ensure business critical applications are functioning properly from an end-user perspective. In order to deliver acceptable service levels to the end-user, you need an end-to-end view of how applications consume system and network resources. In an earlier post, I explored why network performance monitoring alone is insufficient. While Network performance has a direct impact on… read more

Why Application-Centric APM is Incomplete

Ten years ago, the main goal for managers in network operations was to ensure the network was simply up and running. Today a well performing network does not guarantee that critical business applications are being successfully delivered to users. The reality for IT and operations is dealing with requests for faster, always available applications and as a consequence organizations must combine network and application performance efforts to optimize delivery of… read more

Why Network Performance Monitoring Alone is Not Enough

Today, enterprises rely heavily on applications for nearly all business-critical processes. These applications are delivered via a combination of hardware, software and services, known as the application delivery chain. To make this delivery chain work together effectively, IT must take a new and converged approach to network performance monitoring and application performance management. Let’s explore why network performance monitoring alone is insufficient. Applications are delivered via a… read more