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Welcome to the Show of CDN Monitoring: Act3 – Things going Wrong

In my first 2 blogs Act 1 – The What and Why  and Act2 – The How and How Not I covered the main benefits of CDNs and what type of tools are needed to monitor them. Today I want to go into some details of why you… read more

Welcome to the Show of CDN Monitoring: Act 2- How and How Not to Monitor CDNs

In my first blog Act 1 – The What and Why I talked about the benefits and some risks around using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Today I will cover some details around some common misunderstandings regarding how to monitor CDNs and explain the right monitoring strategy. Which monitoring options do you have?… read more

Welcome to the Show of Content Delivery Networks: Act 1 – The What and Why

“Step right in. You will witness a show of magic and wonders, passion and trust, speed and misunderstandings.” a (slightly altered) catch phrase that keeps popping in my head when talking to companies in regards to managing Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Apart from the misconception that a CDN will solve all performance problems one of the great unknowns seems to be how to actually monitor CDNs the right way. And… read more