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Which Industries Have the Fastest Web and Mobile Performance?

In early February, we announced our third annual Best of the Web award winners for 2011. The awards showcased leaders in web and mobile site performance across seven U.S. major industries based on web and mobile site performance for the entire year. As a follow on to the “Best of the Web 2011: Compuware Gomez Web and Mobile Performance Awards” comprehensive report, we analyzed the data for… read more

The Best Performers in 2011

It’s that time of year, when we announce our annual Best of the Web and mobile performance award winners. Each year we evaluate the performance of Web and mobile home pages and key user transactions for the largest businesses and web properties and determine the top-performing Web and mobile sites for the entire year. Our third annual Compuware Best of the Web and Mobile Performance awards showcase the leaders in… read more

Retailers’ Sites Experience Slow Downs on Cyber Monday

In my last post, BlackFriday Site Performance Results and the Countdown to Cyber Monday, I asked: Are retailers ready for the online holiday shopping spree?   Although the solid Black Friday weekend was welcomed news for retailers, the next big test was Cyber Monday.  The holiday season’s biggest online shopping day was more popular than ever as shoppers headed to their PCs, tablets and smartphones to find the best… read more

Countdown to Cyber Monday: Black Friday Retail Web Performance Results

With Black Friday over, the focus for retailers now turns to the all important Cyber Monday. With 24 percent online growth on Black  Friday compared to the same period last year (according to IBM), this is no time for slow sites or down time. Are retailers ready for the online holiday shopping spree?   If Black Friday is an indication, the answer would be, not quite. Based on the results of the… read more