Aftab Alam

Aftab is a Performance Engineering Consultant @Infosys. He is an Application performance, Monitoring, DevOps, and Cloud enthusiast. He focuses on how performance engineering tools and practices are adapting to Cloud, DevOps, and the ML/AI world. He works with multiple Infosys customers to optimize performance test life cycles, monitor and manage application performance. He also mentors and guides teammates in performance engineering and APM solutions like Dynatrace.

Aftab Alam's articles

Hunting and Fixing AWS DynamoDB Client Scalability Issues on Tomcat

As a performance consultant, I get called on to address various performance issues. One of our recent scalability issues happened on a micro service exposing a REST API. The micro service runs on Apache Tomcat, on an AWS EC2 instance, in a VPC. It uses ehcache as in-memory cache and Dynamo DB as persistent data source. DynamoDB gets updates from the source system using data pipeline built in Kinesis… read more

Hybrid Cloud Problem Patterns: Chasing DNS Lookup Times from AWS EC2

As a performance architect, I get called into various production performance issues. One of our recent production issues happened on Tomcat AppServer running on an AWS EC2 instance in a VPC. VPC is joined with an on-premise DNS server. This service calls another micro service. When service went live, we noticed a high response time from a downstream micro service, and the downstream service logs did not show any performance… read more

Tibco Business Events Memory leak analysis in live production

As a performance architect I get called into various production performance issues. One of our recent production issues happened with Tibco Business Event (BE) Service constantly violating our Service Level Agreements (SLA) after running 10-15 hours since the last restart. If we keep the services running for longer we would see them crash due to an “out of memory” execution. This is a typical sign of a classic memory leak! In this blog… read more

Analyzing out-of-memory exceptions caused by overly aggressive logging

As a performance architect I conduct many performance tests against Java Enterprise apps, analyzing performance, scalability and stability issues of the application under load. One of our recent tests was against an application that kept crashing with “Out of Memory Exceptions” whenever we ran our JMeter-based Load Tests. Typically, the first thought in such a case is usually: this is probably a memory leak! In this blog I’ll walk through the steps taken to analyze the… read more

Automated Performance Engineering Framework for CI/CD

Author: Aftab Alam, Senior Project Manager, Infosys Independent Validation and Testing Services with contribution from Shweta Dubey Continuous Integration is an important part of agile based development process. It’s getting huge attention in every phase of Software Development Cycle (SDLC) to deliver business feature faster and confidently. Most of the times it’s easy to catch functional bugs using test framework but for performance testing, it requires scripting knowledge along with load testing… read more