Big Data

Big data performance key metrics

Big Data does not have to mean Big Problems

Don’t spend days tracking down problems. Quickly identify the root cause of poor performance in NoSQL and free up your experts to focus on real work.

Dynatrace for Big Data restores visibility and puts you back in control by providing deep insight into your NoSQL transactions.

Big data performance world map

Humanize Your Data

Enrich the analysis of your machine data in Splunk with rich end-user transaction data from Dynatrace PurePath® analytics.

  • Gain 100% visibility into user behavior

  • Deep dive with PurePath® analytics

  • Enrich with machine data


Speed up Hadoop jobs

Profile Hadoop jobs with the ability to drill down to the root cause of bottlenecks, exposing the method-level code responsible for constraints.

  • Monitor and profile Hadoop jobs
  • Discover bottlenecks and root cause
  • Track utilization for consumption billing

Big data performance monitoring PurePath tree

Blazing Fast NoSQL

Using Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase or AWS DynamoDB? Going from RDBMS or traditional SQL to NoSQL? Regain speed by quickly identifying bottlenecks from seeing into 100% of NoSQL transactions, from user click to database.