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End user monitoring allows organizations to ascertain how real users interact with their applications and how those applications are performing for users. Due to increasing complexity in the data center and application architectures, monitoring distributed web applications and ensuring a consistent experience across all users and devices is difficult. Traditional monitoring technologies focused on individual components are insufficient for managing the performance of composite applications running across heterogeneous infrastructures. Today, IT professionals are turning to smart end user monitoring solutions that offer visibility into the entire application delivery environment and provide real user experience insight.


The Capabilities of a Smart End User Monitoring APM Solution

End user monitoring is commonly implemented through user monitoring software. This software is used for tracking user activity as well as the response times and errors experienced by end users when visiting a web site or using an application. The data obtained through end user monitoring helps IT teams evaluate the availability and performance of applications from the end-client perspective. By identifying browser- or device-compatibility problems and other quality of experience (QoE) issues, organizations are able to optimize applications for their user base and improve the quality and reliability of their products and services.

The right end user monitoring tool can equip your company with a range of valuable capabilities:

The customizable dashboard shows all important facts of your Java web application in one spot

The Dynatrace Advantage: Business-Savvy End User Monitoring

Dynatrace’s end user experience monitoring solution begins at the edge, automatically detecting and monitoring all user visits and user interactions for your web and native mobile applications. Without requiring code changes or configuration, Dynatrace User Experience Management allows you to view detailed user and performance data and compare the user experience across browsers, devices, geographies, and other metrics. With Dynatrace’s next-generation solution for end user monitoring:

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