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Dynatrace has brought its suite of Application Performance Management (APM) products under the name, Dynatrace. This new product family name and brand underscores the integration and unification of a new generation of user-centric APM. Dynatrace products provide the critical insights you need to see your applications and digital channels through the lens of your end users.

Former Dynatrace product names

New name Former name
Dynatrace SaaS
Dynatrace Managed
Dynatrace Ruxit, Ruxit
Dynatrace Application Monitoring Dynatrace Application Monitoring
Dynatrace User Experience Management Dynatrace Real User Monitoring for Mobile & Web
Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring APMaaS Synthetic Monitoring for Mobile & Web, Gomez
Dynatrace Data Center RUM
Enterprise Synthetic
Network Analyzer
Vantage Agentless, ClientVantage, Transaction Trace, ApplicationVantage

Correct spelling of product names

The correct way to spell Dynatrace is with a capital D. We no longer use Dynatrace spelled with a capital T in any content or product names. The only place that we will use a lower case d will be in our full logo. Whenever you type Dynatrace, please always type the name with a capital D.

“Dynatrace” can be omitted when “Dynatrace” context is clear or when full product name used earlier in document. Example: ACME Airlines, a Dynatrace customer, uses User Experience Management to derive insights from mobile users…

Abbreviations are OK when product descriptor longer than two words.

Acceptable use of abbreviation:

Dynatrace Application Monitoring should never be abbreviated to Dynatrace AM. It should always be spelled out.

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