What are DevOps tools?

DevOps is often said to require not only the right culture but the right tools. But what are DevOps tools? DevOps tools are technologies that help developers and operations staff to collaborate, automate, and achieve a shared goal of producing better software faster. DevOps tools provide critical support across the full DevOps lifecycle, from continuous integration through to performance management for applications in production.

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What are DevOps tools? Supporting continuous integration and delivery

To answer the question "what are DevOps tools?" we must look first to the tools that support the key DevOps practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery. What is continuous integration? Continuous integration is the practice of frequently integrating all code check-ins, building the whole application, subjecting the build to automated tests, and having developers promptly fix any detected defects while they're still small and the code changes are fresh in mind. In comparing continuous integration vs. continuous delivery, continuous delivery goes a step further than continuous integration by seeking to ensure that at all times, the latest successful build be deployed into production on short notice.

What are DevOps tools that empower application teams to achieve continuous integration and delivery? They include:

  • Source control systems such as CVS, SVN, and Git/Github
  • Automated build servers such as Jenkins, Ant, and Maven
  • Test automation tools including JUnit, Selenium, and LoadRunner
  • Configuration management and continuous deployment tools such as Puppet, Chef, and Ansible
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What are DevOps tools? Continuous performance engineering

DevOps entails, among other things, bringing the perspectives and concerns of the operations team to bear early in the application delivery pipeline so that higher quality software makes its way through the pipeline and into production. In the advanced DevOps enterprise this now includes the use of application performance management technologies like Dynatrace to help ensure that throughout the DevOps lifecycle, the team is producing software that meets not only functional requirements but key performance objectives around execution and response times, resource consumption, availability, and scalability.

Dynatrace integrates with developers' IDEs and with build and test automation frameworks to deliver comprehensive application performance data – across all application components and tiers -- as well as method-level context detail for performance anomalies or regressions. Dynatrace can also be easily deployed into staging or production environments by the leading configuration management tools. For applications in production, Dynatrace automatically discovers application topology and baseline performance, monitors 100% of application transactions, alerts production staff to emerging performance problems, and provides method-level context detail for problematic transactions so that developers can quickly troubleshoot and minimize MTTR.

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